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JLC Announces Recent Actions Taken at the USEF Mid-Year BOD Meeting

The Joint Leadership Council (JLC), comprised of representatives of the American Hackney Horse Society,  American Morgan Horse Association, American Road Horse and Pony Association, American Saddlebred Association and the United Professional Horsemen’s Association, is pleased to report recent actions taken by the United States Equestrian Federation Board of Directors at its mid-year meeting.

Earlier this year the JLC, working through the USEF National Breeds and Disciplines Council (NBDC) and the USEF Governance Committee, requested a USEF by-laws change that would increase the number of trotting breed representatives on the NBDC. At the recent USEF Board meeting an increase of three NBDC seats was unanimously approved by the Board. This by-law change will significantly improve representation for the trotting breed affiliates of USEF.

Another positive step taken by the USEF Board was to institute a National Equestrian of the Year Award. Previously, International and National Breed and Discipline athletes have been grouped together for a single Equestrian of the Year Award. Historically. the International athletes, due to Olympic participation, have received more recognition than that given to National Breed and Disciplines athletes. With the addition of a National Equestrian of the Year Award our breeds and disciplines will receive equal consideration for their accomplishments.  The inaugural National Equestrian will be honored at the 2020 USEF Annual Convention in Palm Beach, Florida. Please begin to think about a worthy nominee from your breed or discipline.

During the USEF Board meeting, a new marketing and promotional video was unveiled. The trotting breeds and the Saddle Seat discipline were well represented. Several examples of our sport were highlighted throughout the video. This is a very positive step toward the promotion of our breeds and sport to the public.

Following the mid-year Board meeting USEF CEO, Bill Maroney, notified the USEF Affiliates of two resolutions passed by the USEF Board of Directors:

The Board Approved an amendment to the interpretation of the new MAAP Policies that USEF will communicate to the membership shortly.

The Board directed the creation of a comprehensive Safe Sport campaign including the engagement of a crisis and communication consultant.

The Licensed Officials Committee was seated June 1, 2019. Three members were appointed to a three year term. Lisa Blackwell and Jose Colon are two National Affiliate representatives that have been appointed. Their appointment increases the Nation Breeds and Disciplines presence on the LOC.

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