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Jim Aikman’s Video Library

Jim Aikman has announced the ongoing project of collecting history, stories, memories and teachings from owners, trainers and breeders of the Saddle Horse industry. Started on Oct. 1, 2006, Aikman has compiled over 25 hours of great stories from interviews with such well-known figures as Marty Mueller, Bob Ruxer, Don Harris, Donna Moore, Tom Galbreath, Melissa Moore, John Conatser, Jack Noble, Hoppy Bennett, Bill and Nancy Becker, Larry Bacon, Dena and Dave Lopez, Ricky Cook, Bridget Parker, Nancy McConnell, Alan Balch and Sug Utz.

Aikman is continuing to interview many more of the leading breeders, trainers and owners of the American Saddlebred, documenting their lives, memories and philosophies on training and breeding.


Aikman is also conducting “thumbnail” interviews. These are short, nine question interviews with answers. Aikman has already collected 150 of these short interviews, but welcomes more. Contact him if you wish to include your own story on film.

These interviews will be available on video, although the date of release and the cost of each video have not yet been announced. All proceeds will go to the advancement and promotion of the American Saddlebred. To place your name on the order list, e-mail your request to Jim Aikman at

Now available, The Life Story of Marty Mueller; an interview by Bob Ruxer and Jim Aikman. This is a two hour DVD of history, stories, memories and teachings. A special Christmas offer is available—$40 including shipping. E-mail Jim Aikman with your orders.

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