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Jim Aikman Interviews


To preserve the history of the American Saddlebred and the people who have dedicated their lives to the breed, Jim Aikman has recorded interviews with some of the greats of the industry. He has already released Volume 1-Marty Mueller and Volume 2-Bob Ruxer, which are on their second press run.


Other interviews that are in production include a trip down memory lane with Don and Judy Harris, Ricky Cook, Donna Moore, Tom Galbreath, Rob and Jackie Tanner, Dr. Alan Raun, Martin Cockriel, Melissa Moore, John Conatser, Jack Noble, Hoppy Bennett, Bill and Nancy Becker, Larry Bacon, Dena and David Lopez, Bridget Parker, Nancy McConnell, Nancy and Redd Crabtree, Charles Crabtree, Alan Balch and Sug Utz. These are currently in production and will be available as soon as they are completed.


Also Aikman is continuing his “thumbnail interviews” of everyone he can get to stand still for a few minutes. These are mini-interviews of a few questions about their lives in the industry. Already he has nearly 150 of these compiled.       

All proceeds from these videos will go to the advancement and promotion of the American Saddlebred. To be on the order list, please email your request to or call Jim Aikman at 317-862-4341.

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