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J.D. Massey Classic Introduces The J.D. Massey Cup

As the J.D. Massey Classic approaches, April 16-19, 2014, the show committee has announced a fun innovation for this year’s event. Introducing, the JD Massey Cup!

You can win $1,000 and a really BIG, really COOL trophy!

Any barn can win simply by participating and having fun! Here is a sampling of ways you will earn points toward the grand prize!

• Participate in the THURSDAY NIGHT PROGRESSIVE DINNER by providing a food offering at your barn. (5 pts)

• Have all of your ENTRIES COMPLETE AND TO THE SHOW SECRETARY by the due date. (5 pts)

• Have at least 10 MEMBERS FROM YOUR BARN “LIKE” THE JD MASSEY CLASSIC FACEBOOK page and repost the announcement that “YOUR NAME barn will be attending the JD Massey Classic Horse Show in Clemson, SC from April 16 through 19, 2014”. (1 point each occurrence)

• Bring at least 10 CANS/BOXES OF NON-PERISHABLE FOOD FROM YOUR BARN for the Thursday night food drive in support of “Horses Against Hunger”. (1 point each occurrence)

• Have at least one representative from your barn TAKE PART IN THE FRIDAY NIGHT INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY at the Exhibitor’s Party. (5 pts)

• Bring in a RECEIPT THAT SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE SUPPORTED THE JD MASSEY CLASSIC VENDORS by spending at least $10 each at two different vendors, not including food concessions. (1 point each occurrence)

• Buy at least FIVE T-SHIRTS IN SUPPORT OF TEAM AMERICAN SADDLEBRED to support American Saddlebred rescues. (1 point each occurrence)

• Post at least FIVE PICTURES TO INSTAGRAM with the hashtag #JDMasseyClassicisfun and a message identifying the name of your barn. All pictures must be posted by Saturday, April 19 at noon. Two of the pictures must come from the Friday night Exhibitor’s Party. (1 point each occurrence)

• Have at least one representative from your barn TAKE PART IN THE FRIDAY NIGHT RACE that will occur right after the show and right before the Exhibitor’s Party. (5 pts)

• Have a CHEERING SECTION FOR YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AT THE FRIDAY NIGHT RACE that features at least one hand made poster/sign and a commemorative Instagram photo posted with your barn identified in the comments with the hashtag #JDMasseyClassicisfun (5 pts).The barn with the highest point total as of 6 p.m. Saturday night, April 19 will be awarded the JD Massey Classic Cup in a ceremony Saturday night and presented with a check for $1,000.

There will also be a second prize which any barn earning even a single point will be eligible to win! That prize will be based on a drawing where each point earned equals one chance to win, so get out there and get excited for the JD Massey Cup!

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