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Jack Noble Receives Gordon Jerkins International Award

by Jori Rice and Bob Funkhouser

On Feb 19, Jack Noble, a man noted for producing world class young show horses for the past couple decades, received the Gordon Jerkins International Award at the ASHA Convention.

"I am very appreciative of this award," Noble said. "I think getting this award makes people aware of the market in Sweden."

Noble travels to Sweden to help with clinics and the training of many horses.

"I‘ve been to Sweden for six years now," Noble said. "I help the people train their horses. They want a show horse so I teach them how to work their horses to promote their potential. There are not a lot of Saddlebreds in Sweden, but they are interested in promoting the Saddlebred and if we here in the U.S. are willing to invest, there’s the possibility for the market to grow."

Noble has been investing in developing the young horse in America since the early 1970s. He earned his "Master’s Degree" under the legendary Garland Bradshaw where he developed the star Oh Goody Goody and from there moved on to Jim Bray’s Wildwood Farm where he had World’s Champion Wildwood’s 24 Karat, and Reserve World’s Champion Wildwood’s Sneak Preview.

"Mr. Bradshaw was a great trainer," Noble said. "I have never seen a greater horseman. Mr. Bradshaw was an extraordinary man. A real joy to work with."

Noble has a special interest in developing a young horse and preparing it for a long career in the amateur and juvenile ranks. That is one of the things he has been most proud of; making horses that go on to long careers.

In the ‘80s Noble had much success at W.W. Catledge’s Big Gator Farm with horses like CH Big Gator’s Invader and Fable’s Creation. His next stop was Pendleton Farm with such world’s champions as CH Caramba Rhythm, CH Stutz Bearcat, CH Fashions Carina, CH Titleist, Broadway Hoofer, Callaway’s Chandelle, Grey Flannel, CH Comedienne, Making Waves and Empire’s Rhythm.

Noble eventually opened his own public training stable in the Pendleton show barn, and later purchased a portion of that farm where he hung out his own sign. "I only had three horses but it grew rapidly. I finally got enough money to buy the farm and had the opportunity to produce some great horses."

The list of popular stars developed and sold by Noble grew and grew. Some of the world’s titleholders included Night Odyssey, Tango Rhythm, CH Calle Lily, Coe’s Gifted Heir, CH Another Lover, The Dancing Vixen, Busby Berkeley, CH The Bodega Bay, CH Shelby Stonewall, CH Ferrari, Perrier, Justin, Baby Face and CH Sinatra. Other notable champions under the Noble banner were Newmarket champions CH Spartan’s Special Memories, Sultan’s Private Dancer, and Shiney Night, as well as You Can Call Me Al, CH Beguiled, Hartland’s Red Romance, Callaway’s Cameo, Champagne Jazz, CH Santana’s Lady Di and CH Casual Elegance.

Noble continues to take his time and fully develop his young horses, much like his mentor Garland Bradshaw did for all those years. He doesn’t rush them, rather lets them develop mentally and physically at their own pace. Noble stays dedicated to his craft on Craig Lane in Georgetown, KY, with his most recent champions being the world’s champion road pony Boogity Boogity, world’s champion Zeitgeist, Diamonds Diamonds, Screen Idol and his wife Alexa’s sensational pleasure horse, reserve world’s champion Breathe.

The people of Sweden are just now realizing what horse owners in America have known for 30-some years; the man can develop a horse. His enthusiasm for the American Saddlebred is rubbing off on the people of Sweden and as he said in his remarks while receiving the Gordon Jenkins International Award, "It wasn’t all that long ago that there weren’t many Saddlebreds in South Africa. Just something to think about."

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