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Introducing United Show App

Horse Show Wire has introduced the United Show App (uSa). It’s the first app of its kind in the horse show industry, and although there are other apps available in the show horse world, uSa has exclusive components to it that you’ll find nowhere else.The uSa is a phone app that can be downloaded for free to your smart phone or tablet directly from Apple or Google Play stores or Horse Show Wire.

Shane Darnell began  developing the app back in February and he’s created this app from the ground floor, devoting countless hours of time to creating each page. This app has been tailored to the needs of the show horse exhibitor. On it, you can purchase photographs, advertising, tack, order stall mats, and even donate to your favorite breed organizations.    The app will launch for Syracuse International with the Grand Nationals already on board.  Other shows are being added daily.

Howard Schatzberg was the first business owner to come on board, and he has been joined by many of the major show photographers; Shane Shiflet, Casey McBride, Jon McCarthy, Terry Young, and Doug Shiflet. They offer an exclusive offer on the uSa: for $60 you can buy a publication-only image to be sent to either Saddle Horse Report, Horse Show Wire, or The Morgan Horse magazine. The publications receive the image directly and will contact you within 24 hours to create your advertisement.

Saddle Horse Report owner Christy Womack has been incredibly supportive and is utilizing the uSa to sell subscriptions to Saddle Horse Report and Horse World. She’s also generously shared the top three placings of her show results database for three horse shows, and Report subscribers can search her archived show results easily right from their smart phone or tablet. At launch, Syracuse International, Medallion Regional Championship in Santa Barbara and the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show will be included. Other shows  may be considered as the season progresses.

The United Show App has partnered with several other horse show vendors such as Rent-A-Stall-Mat to provide easy, immediate ordering for your show stall mat needs-order your matted stalls with a click of a button. The uSa will also offer tack for sale from top vendors.  Some of the other vendors participating in the app include; AW Harness, Merriehill Farm, Freedman’s Harness.  Horse Show Wire is matching $500 donations to any of the breed organizations such as American Morgan Horse Association, American Saddlebred Association and American Hackney Association or Trainers Helping Horses In Need (THINN).

When it comes to live streaming, the uSa has you covered! Horse shows can apply to have their live feed broadcasted efficiently through the United Show App right to smart phones and tablets. It’s the easiest way to watch the events that matter most to the show horse enthusiast.

The United Show App keeps you connected with the show horse world, right from your home, office, school, or car. Don’t miss out on the action, download this free app.  Please contact to have your equine business added to the app.


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