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Introducing HorseSensing

Tuesday July 30th, from 6 to 8 pm at The Old Stone Inn Simpsonville, KY 

HORSESENSING - Opening in the Spring of 2020 in Bagdad, Kentucky
650-776- 4313  [email protected] 

What we are - A program to teach people what they need to know to work as top notch grooms in the horse industry while also providing a therapeutic environment.  

Who do we serve? 
American Saddlebred/Hackney Pony Show Horse Industry 
Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry
Standardbred Harness Racing Industry
Who Is HorseSensing Team?  
Dr. Sally Broder-Executive Director 
David Broder-Addiction Treatment Specialist 
BillyBob Taylor-Education Director for Thoroughbred Racing and Harness Racing Industries 
Phillip Crittendon- Education Director for American Saddlebred Show Horse Industry 
Rena Elswick-Development  
Edie Wooton - Development 
Dana Ross-Administrative Support Specialist 
Board of Directors
Dr. Sally Broder 
David Broder
Dr. Laura Howard Strong, DVM
Bill Field-ASB Trainer 
Dr. C. Reid McLellan- Groom Elite Curriculum Development and Certification for HorseSensing 

Who will we teach? 
Veterans- OEF, OIF, GWOT and other conflicts 
People in drug and alcohol diversion programs such as Recovery Kentucky
Women and men needing to change the trajectory of their life
At-risk youth 18 and older 
Referrals from individuals, groups and agencies  

Who will teach them? 
Horse Skills and Education 
BillyBob Taylor-Lifelong trainer and driver of harness horses, trainer and young horse developer of thoroughbred racehorses. Brother to Joe Taylor, founder of Taylormade Farm, Nicholasville, Ky. In charge of teaching and guiding folks on thoroughbred horse racing and harness racing skills and education. 

Phillip Crittendon-Originally with Helen and Charles Crabtree, a premier Kentucky horsecaretaker and horseman. In charge of teaching and guiding folks in American Saddlebred/Hackney Pony Show Horse skills and education. 

Dr. C. Reid McLellan- Through utilizing an expanded version of his Groom Elite Certification Program that will include all specifics for the respective horse industries. 

Clinics will be brought in by local trainers, breeders, farriers and other horse industry professionals and amateurs wanting to contribute their knowledge. 

Therapeutic Aspects and Relapse Prevention 
Dr. Sally Broder, Psy.D.-Psychologist licensed in CA. and KY.  
David Broder-Addiction Treatment Specialist 

Why are we doing this? 
Because working with horses and being around horses can give a person purpose, a sense of responsibility and hope. 

Because the horse industries have long had a shortage of qualified barn and show help and the situation is getting worse, not better. HorseSensing aims to help fill that gap with good help. 
Because there are lots of people who can do these jobs but don't have exposure to these industries for one reason or another. 

What skills will they develop? 
All skills related to the horse industries including basic and vital veterinary to farm and stable maintenance. 

Soft skills such as: 
Being dependable-showing up to work on time or early and work-ready 
Having a good attitude 
Being willing to do whatever is needed  
Dressing appropriately 
Speaking up whenever necessary-anything from seeing mold in the grain to a horse with a slight swell in a pastern to asking for what they need to do their job the best it can be done. 
Being able to work as a team. 
Working through conflict-resolving situations in positive ways. 
We are looking forward to a great conversation on July 30th, 2019 on how to make 
HorseSensing the best it can be for the horse community, our participants and team. 

Above submitted by Dr. Sally Broder Psy.D-Executive Director of HorseSensing

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