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Infrared Thermography Seminars at Post University

Once again this year, Dr. Donna Harper will be at
Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut, for two Seminars on Infrared Thermography – this continues the series she began in June 2004. 

The seminars will be offered in two 1-week sections.  The first week (June 13-17), Basic Principles of Infrared Thermography, will cover introductory information and training for those just starting out in this field.  The second week (June19-23), Clinical Applications of Infrared Thermographic Principles, will be intensive and provide in-depth information for those who have already had some experience using the equipment and wish to increase their skill level in both camera operation and application.  The seminars are open to veterinarians, veterinarian-sponsored technicians, and other professionals or anyone who has already attended seminars offered anywhere in the USA who would like to get further help improving their ‘case study’ skills.

Dr. Harper, DVM, is a graduate of Colorado State University where she studied lameness under the renowned equine veterinarian and author, O. R. Adams, DVM.  She trained and exhibited Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds, in both English and Western A.H.S.A events, with former Olympian and A.Q.H.A. Hall of Fame Member, Suzanne Norton Jones.  Dr. Harper held the position of State Veterinarian at Ruidoso Downs Racetrack in Ruidoso, New Mexico for a number of years.  Additionally, she was veterinarian and adviser for Paula Euline of Alta Vista Hermosa Farm where she cared for bloodstock including the world record holding thoroughbred stallion, Crazy Kid.  Dr. Harper is a licensed trainer in New Mexico and is familiar with the problems associated with training horses to run.  She also works in conjunction with Dr. Barrie Grant of Bonsall, California, on equine amputees, and has particular expertise in prosthetics and prolonged care of such horses after amputation surgery.

Dr. Harper has special interest in Infrared Thermography (IRT) and is one of four veterinarians that are currently Board Certified by the American Board of Thermography in the United States. She owns, a veterinary thermography consulting and interpretation business which provides services to veterinarians, veterinary thermographic technicians, and other interested parties world-wide. Her seminars have received excellent reviews for the amount of information learned and the practical skills acquired by attendees.


For further information on prices and accommodations in the area, contact Carole Baker at For information on the course content or technical information, please contact Dr. Harper at

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