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2008 Indianapolis Charity Horse Show

The Indianapolis Charity Horse Show, Inc. has found it necessary to change its dates for 2008 and subsequent years.


The dates for 2008 will be June 4th through June 7th. Unfortunately, these are the dates for the Rock Creek show. We, the officers and committee members, regret the necessity of being in direct competition with Rock Creek, as it will probably damage both shows to some extent.


In April of this year we were informed by the Indiana State Fairgrounds that they had an opportunity to host ten (and possibly more) high school graduation ceremonies in the Pepsi Coliseum. To do so would be a great monetary benefit to the fairgrounds, so our dates we have had for 33 years were preempted by these ceremonies to be held in the Pepsi Coliseum.


We would like to stress to other horse shows (particularly Rock Creek) and to stables/trainers and exhibitors that there were very few dates available to us at the fairgrounds. We enlisted the help of the president of the national UPHA, the chairperson of UPHA Chapter 11, and various trainers that have supported this show for many years. There was a lot of dialogue regarding our problem but, after they had all discussed various dates, it was apparent that June 4th through 7th were the only dates that would inflict the least damage on the Charity show. Other dates available at the fairgrounds would have had the Charity show too close to Midwest and/or Lexington Junior League – both of which would have been damaging to the Charity show.


One benefit the stables, trainers, and exhibitors will, in all probability, enjoy with having later dates will be the fact they can have the use of the Pepsi Coliseum for the day before the horse show starts. This year, and for the past several years, the Pepsi Coliseum could not be readied for the horse show until Tuesday morning and was not usually finished until late Wednesday afternoon which left very short time for people to get into the ring.


We sincerely regret the necessity of having the same dates as Rock Creek. These discussions and subsequent answers to our problems were not entered into lightly, but the only other alternative would have been to cancel all future Indianapolis Charity Horse Shows. We all felt that this horse show, having such a safe show ring, fulfilled a purpose of letting young stock have a safe showing experience and it is a great ring for new horse/rider combinations to ‘hone’ their skills early in the season.


The officers and committee members of the Indianapolis Charity Horse Show, Inc. look forward to welcoming you to the 2008 show on June 4th through 7th. If you have questions regarding this press release, please feel free to call the management.


Phyllis Harris, Manager

(317) 336-7569

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