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Indiana American Saddlebred Horse Association to Host Scott Matton Clinic

The Indiana American Saddlebred Horse Association is proud to host a clinic featuring Scott Matton. It is intended for riders who bring their own horses.


Scott and his wife, Carol, own and operate Knollwood Farm in Hartland, Wisconsin.   Their program includes a full equine training program for babies to finished show horses.  Standing at the farm are the stallions Andeker and Simply Majestic. They also have a lesson program for beginners to finished show riders.  They have trained numerous national equitation champions including the 2005 & 2006 UPHA Senior Pleasure Challenge Cup Champion, the 2005 UPHA Junior Pleasure Challenge Cup Champion, the 2005 Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Medallion Junior Champion, and the 2004 USEF Saddle Seat Equitation Champion.


Date:  Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time:  11:00am to 9:00pm

Where: Laurelwood Stables, 22810 Mule Barn Road, Sheridan In. 46069; Phone: (317) 758-5851

Sessions: 30 minutes each


Groups - three riders max per session- $50.00 per rider

Private lesson- 30 minute session - $100.00

Stalls - box stalls - $35.00 each; tie stalls - $25.00 each

Bedding - $7.00 per bag


For any rider - beginning, intermediate, or advanced- who would like to hear Scott’s suggestions about riding and/or showing a horse.


Dinner with Scott:  $10.95 per person  

This will be a casual gathering for dinner as well as an opportunity to chat with Scott in an informal question and answer format. It will be in the lounge area at Laurelwood Stables. Catering provided by Valentino’s (also available during the day)


Reservations:  The attached completed reservation form, along with your check payable to the IASHA is due by January 15, 2007. Mail the form and check to: Linda Beltz, 1510 Prestwick Circle, Carmel, IN. 46032


P.S. - This could be a great holiday gift for a rider in your family!


Reservation Form for the IASHA Clinic Featuring Scott Matton

(Copy and paste into Word)


January 27, 2007


Name of Rider_________________________________________

Adult ________________ Junior Exhibitor___________

Beginning____ Intermediate______ Advanced________

Pattern work    yes_________  no _________

Performance: Show Pleasure__ Country Pleasure__ Western___ Hunt seat___

3-gaited___ 5-gaited___ Equitation___ Walk-Trot___


Type of session/s and number desired: 


Group ______________ x $50.00/session                                ______

Private ______________x $100.00                                                  ______                                                                                               


Box Stall –  __________x $35.00                                           ______

Tie Stalls -  ___________x $25.00                                         ______

Bags of Bedding  ______x $  7.00                                          ______


Dinner reservations    _____x $10.95                                      ______

Total Due to the IASHA                                                       ______


I herby agree to participate at my own risk and agree to abide by the rules of the clinic.  I further agree that if damage is occasioned or loss occurs to the horse/s exhibited, to any vehicle or other property or articles which I may send with said horse/s, I will make no claim against the IASHA, Laurelwood Stables, clinic volunteers, vendors, or any other participating organization Neither the IASHA (Indiana American Saddlebred Horse Association, Inc) nor Laurelwood Stables will be held responsible for any loss or damage as the results of accidents nor will they be liable for injury in any way to exhibitors or spectators, nor will they be liable for any articles lost or stolen. It is condition of entry in this clinic that I hereby agree to save and hold harmless all parties connected to the IASHA Clinic featuring Scott Matton and Laurelwood Stables for any type of loss.


All out of state horses must show negative Coggins within the last year and satisfactory 30 day health papers.




Signature (if a minor parent must sign)_____________________________________________________





Mail completed form and check payable to the IASHA by January 15, 2007 to: 

Linda Beltz, 1510 Prestwick Circle, Carmel, IN. 46032      



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