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Increasing Horse Show Participation in Underrepresented Areas Added to Role of New Task Force

The ASHA Horse Show Task Force (HSTF), begins its work this week to examine and provide recommendations to support horse shows with an added duty of increasing participation to underrepresented areas.

“If we’re going to grow our industry, we must increase exposure across the country. That’s why ASHA added addressing the needs of underrepresented areas as a key component of the work by the Horse Show Task Force,” said David Mount, ASHA Executive Director.

Along with this new responsibility, the group will also examine a tiered horse show governance option, expanding marketing and establishing a grant program for struggling horse shows. The HSTF, chaired by Kristen Cater and Owen Weaver, will provide a preliminary report in late October 2019 and final report December 2019 to the ASHA Board of Directors in advance of the 2020 show season.

The HSTF members are Kristen Cater Co-Chair (NH), Owen Weaver Co-Chair (VA), Kristen Bagdasarian (KY), Allen Bosworth (SC), Sandy Currier (TX), Sarah Foy (NH), Bob Funkhouser (MA), Melissa Moore (KY), Christy Parker (GA), Cliff Paulsen (IA), Helen Roy (CA) and David Rudder (KY). The Task Force will work directly with a group of horse show industry consultants that include Sandy Backer (KY), R.H. Bennett (KY), Vicky Holston (WI), Scarlett Mattson (KY), Yvonne McCarthy (KS), Kelly McFaul (KS), Kent Moeller (KY), Carrie Mortensen (VT), Mary Jo Schmidt (FL) and Beth Snider (KY).

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