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Incentives of $20,000 for Saddlebreds at Devon

, Pa.An additional $20,000 in Devon Dollars is added money for Saddlebred trainers and owners in gaited, Hackney and harness pony divisions at the 110th Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

There are five incentives, four of which reward specific supporters, with the fifth rewarding one trainer by the luck of the draw.

Devon historically has been one of the best showcases for the American Saddlebred in the country, and the added Devon Dollars is an even greater incentive for exhibitors to compete in the Dixon Oval.

Devon is committed to doing everything possible for Saddlebred exhibitors to the show, in part because the Hackney is the logo of the show but also to maintain the diversity for which the show is famous.

A small committee of Saddlebred enthusiasts is working with show management to improve conditions for exhibitors at Devon.

Saddlebred friends of Devon have contributed $20,000 in additional purse money to be awarded to trainers and owners in those divisions.

The UPHA member trainer taking the most horses to Devon will receive an incentive of $10,000.

The one “lucky” incentive is a $5,000 award to a UPHA trainer whose name is drawn from a hat.

The trainer who takes the most ponies to Devon will receive an incentive of $1,000, and the trainer who has supported Devon for the longest time will also receive $1,000,

There are four Junior Exhibitor open classes scheduled at Devon, and the winner of each of those will receive a $750 scholarship award.

Devon management is working to improve the warm-up area and times for schooling saddlebred horses.

New classes are also being offered, including ladies classes and an equitation class.

Along with these incentives and changes in the Saddlebred divisions, Devon offers boutique shopping and a fair. Boutique shopping includes sporting clothes, paintings and prints, gorgeous gold and silver jewelry, fancy hats, leather goods, antiques and collectibles and souvenirs.

Scattered throughout the grounds adjacent to the showing area is food for every palate from hamburgers and hot dogs to gourmet dining in the Cafeteria.

Adjacent to the rows of boutiques is a complete little fair offering games and rides, including the Ferris wheel that looms over the show grounds.

For further information, call (610) 964-0550.

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