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Important Notice from ASHA and USEF


Friday, March 25, 2005

Contact, Reeves Kirtner , Communications Manager

Lexington, Kentucky -­ The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has discovered that many owners, trainers, and exhibitors are not using the USEF Saddlebred Registration Affidavit correctly and are therefore subject to fines and penalties. In light of these circumstances, ASHA and USEF would like to clarify the proper use of this document to ensure no one is in violation of Federation rules.

The Saddlebred Registration Affidavit should only be used in two situations. The first scenario that would allow you to properly complete the affidavit occurs when the horse's ASHA certificate of registration is in the proper ownership (which is listed on the entry blank) but the owner/trainer does not have the certificate available to present to the show office. In this case, USEF rules allow you to complete the affidavit form and receive your back number from competition management. This procedure would also be acceptable if you have already been granted an ASHA Certificate of Eligibility to Show but did not have the certificate to present to the show office.

The second situation that would allow you to properly complete the affidavit occurs when the horse's certificate of registration has been submitted to the ASHA office for transfer of ownership. Please note that you can only complete the affidavit under this second scenario if the certificate and transfer form (or application for a Certificate of Eligibility to Show) were submitted to the ASHA office prior to the date you complete the affidavit. If you complete the affidavit under this "pending transfer" option but have not already submitted the paperwork to the ASHA office, you will be in violation of USEF rules and subject to fines and penalties.

USEF has updated the affidavit form to help clarify these requirements for the person completing the affidavit. If you have any doubt about meeting these requirements, please speak to the competition manager or call the Federation office before completing the affidavit form. Following is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Saddlebred Registration Affidavit form. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Federation office at (859) 258-2472.

Q: I bought a horse on time and will not be receiving the papers until the last payment has been made. How can I show the horse under my name?

A: You can show the horse under your name by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility to Show from the ASHA office. When you go to the horseshow office, you will show a photocopy of the horse's certificate of registration (in the seller's name) AND the Certificate of Eligibility to Show issued by ASHA. If you have both the photocopy of the papers and the Certificate of Eligibility to Show, competition management will provide you with your back number and you do not need to complete an affidavit form. Applications for Certificates of Eligibility to Show can be obtained from the ASHA office by calling (859) 259-2742, or by downloading the form from their website:

Q: What are the most common errors found on a completed affidavit form?

A: Most often, parts of the affidavit are in complete or illegible. Please make sure to complete every line of the affidavit form and print all information clearly. Incomplete or illegible affidavits are returned to the competition secretary for further verification.

Q: Can I show the horse under my personal name if the recorded owner on the certificate of registration is my farm or business?

A: No. You must show the horse in the exact ownership that is listed on the certificate of registration. For example, Jane Doe owns ABC Farm. The recorded owner on her horse's certificate of registration is ABC Farm. When she completes her entry blank, she should list the horse as being owned by ABC Farm not Jane Doe. If she indeed wants to show the horse under the ownership of Jane Doe, she should complete a transfer of ownership form with the ASHA office.

Q: I am a competition manager and I only have the old affidavit forms. How can I get the updated version?

A: All competition managers and secretaries are asked to throw away any old affidavits and contact the USEF office at (859) 225-6962 for a new supply. The new affidavits will be included in the 2005 competition packets.

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