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Important Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show Reminders

Entries close on July 20 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The entries, either online or paper, MUST be in the office at that time in order to be entered.  

Anyone who has a horse entered can watch the show during any session of the entire show.  But if there is only one horse entered and that horse is scratched the badges, passes, etc. will be withheld by the show.

While checking USEF member numbers, it has been realized that many are determined to be ineligible due to the following:

Not having renewed the Safe Sport document. Go to the USEF website and renew your Safe Sport document. One may not show without completing Safe Sport training or renewal. 

Many have a USEF Fan Membership. You CANNOT show on a Fan Membership.  Therefore, a non-member fee has to be charged. 

A farm cannot use an individual’s USEF number unless that person’s name is on a horse’s registration papers in addition to the farm name OR you record the farm name with the USEF.  

A USEF show pass will be added to the account if any of the above applies to a person’s USEF number being ineligible. When you do your Safe Sport, please notify the office by email at either of the two email addresses: or  

The USEF waiver must be signed by each participant, it is on the website, and can be downloaded, signed then sent to the show. It will save time at check in if this is done before the show. 

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