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Immediate Support Needed For Morgan Pairs In International Competition

In June, following the completion of the final selection trial for pairs to earn the right to compete in France this September, the selection committee appointed by the USET voted to not send a team to compete. The majority of the committee felt that the pairs that qualified for selection did not meet the standard for competing in international competition. One of the members of that team is Lisa Singer driving a pair of Morgans owned by Mimi Thorington. Lisa and these Morgans won their division at every selection trial in which they competed. It was devastating to Lisa, Mimi, as well as the other pair drivers, owners, and supporters when this decision was announced. Many dollars and hours were devoted to training and competing at the selection trial events since late in 2002 through June 2003. And now, it seems it was all for naught. We have just been advised that the Executive Committee for the USAE is meeting on Monday, July 21. Members of the Committee have already received packets with all the letters, phone messages, faxes, and emails from the carriage-driving community and others regarding this decision, and people have until Thursday to submit additional letters or emails for consideration. There is cautious optimism that this support from the ranks will be helpful to overturn the original decision. The biggest concern seems to be that since the USAE has just merged with the USET following a protracted (and expensive) conflict, it might not be prudent to overrule the USET in the first meeting after the merger; however, there is also some hope they will view it as an opportunity to show the entire equestrian community that they are working toward improving all relations in the equestrian world. The Executive Committee will accept letters until Thursday evening, July 17, 2003. Please support our Morgans by sending an email to [email protected] and encourage them to send the pairs to Europe. Include your USAE membership number on your correspondence. Thank you.

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