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IFSHA Friesian Grand National & World Championship Horse Show Moves to St. Louis!

by Leeann Mione

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. – After hosting the country’s top Friesians last year in Las Vegas, the 2007 IFSHA Friesian World and Grand National Championship Horse Show set up shop at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St. Louis, Mo., just one week after the Saint Louis National Horse Show had been held there. Dates this year also changed from early November to Oct. 4-7, 2007.


Approximately 81 Friesians made the trip to St. Louis to be judged by Michael Craghead, Art Gaytan, Joan Harms and Thomas Poulin in hopes of earning a Grand National or World Championship title.

To put that number in perspective, the number of entries at the IFSHA (International Friesian Show Horse Association) show has ranged in numbers from approximately 60 horses to approximately 130 horses. With the Friesian World Extravaganza taking place in only a few short weeks in association with FHANA (Friesian Horse Association of North America), some Friesian owners, unable to travel to Saint Louis, will head to Springfield, Ohio.

Gareth Selwood managed the show and was assisted in the office by show secretary Nancy Nathanson and assistant secretary Mary Ann Meiners. Patty Littman was the dressage secretary and Veronica Holt was the dressage technical delegate. John Owens was master of ceremonies. He was joined in center ring by organist Randy Roberts and photographer Rick Osteen. Jason Hornickel was the show farrier, and Sharyhill Shooters served as show videographers. Craig Brown managed the barn and D.J. Brown was in charge of awards.

There seemed to be an enormous amount of confusion regarding the rules enforced at the world and grand national championship show which kept USEF Steward Cecile Hetzel-Dunn busy all weekend. The show was also a USDF (United States Dressage Federation) recognized show.

Friesian Focus sponsored a very nice champagne and sweets party Friday night which drew a big crowd. Saturday night’s exhibitors’ party, which was hosted by Annika Bruggeworth and Kimberly Deola of Friesian Season, Jeff Ramey of Ramard, Inc., and Carson Kressley, was also well attended.

Annika Bruggeworth won numerous world

and national championships and also hosted

Saturday night’s party with Kimberly Deola

of Friesian Season and Carson Kressley.


A few bumps in the road regarding the rules didn’t keep a gorgeous group of Friesians and part-bred Friesians from putting on some nice classes on their way to earning world and grand national titles.

The action began Thursday morning with the dressage classes offering National Championship titles for the winners. Black Sterling Friesians took the first blue of the weekend when Jip Van Stal Georis won the Friesian Introductory Level Test B National Championship with Barend Schuursma riding for Ron and Janna Goldman. Jocelyn Hamann rode Life Is Stormy to the blue in the Part Bred Friesian Introductory Test B National Championship.


Ate Vander M and Ann Zaharias took the win in the 13-entry Friesian Training Level Four National Championship. Zaharias rode for owner Sandra Grandquist. Owner Chris Clark was up on Aero for the victory lap in the Part Bred Friesian Training Level Four National Championship.

The first level test four classes for Friesians and part bred Friesians both offered national titles for the winners. Amber, ridden by Volker Brommann, won the Friesian class. Kyran Oscuro was the part bred winner with owner Elizabeth Nguyen.

Eeltsje F. won the second level test four national championship with Nicole Gluesnkamp up for Paula Marsh with three Friesians competing.

Zorro and owner Melinda Price teamed up to win the third level test three national championship. Pharro and J.T. Burnley won the part bred third level test three class for owner Jeannie Patton.

Tjelle S and Endel Ots won the Friesian Fourth Level Test Three National Championship and also won the USDF Musical Freestyle national title. Max Ots won the USDF Pas de Deux with Ritske R and Tjelle S for owners Wayne Boyers and Endel Ots.

hursday afternoon’s session featured the in-hand world championship classes. Charles Chaddick showed Grace for owners Alicia and Michael Stephenson to win the Friesian Fillies Yearling and Under World Championship. Romke van Stal Kleinderliempde won the two-year-old fillies world title with Jocelyn Hamann showing for Georgia Novotny.

Robb Wallen presented Hoera Boszorg II to the junior mare (aged three-five years) win for Cheryl Baird. Life Is Stormy won the part bred senior mare aged three and over world championship.

Francisca van der Mokkenburg was the Friesian Senior Mare Aged Six and Over World Champion for owner Deb Goldmann. Steven Stiller presented for the win and also earned the world title with Francisca in the amateur to handle class and the baroque mare class. Stiller continued his winning presentations for Goldmann when Riker won the two-year-old and under Friesian gelding in-hand world championship.

Annika Bruggeworth’s Gooitzen fan Teakesyl earned the world championship title for the junior geldings aged three to five years old. He then came back and won the amateur gelding in hand world title.

Thor’s Mi Kanada was the part bred senior gelding aged three and over world champion with owner Christina Fohr presenting.

Esteban and Steven Stiller won the senior gelding for Friesians aged six and over and the baroque gelding class to add two more world titles to Deb Goldmann’s list.

Thys of Seagull Friesians, was the world champion colt in the yearling and under class with Danielle Di Donato-Barrrasso handling for Philip Bailey.

SJoerd topped the two-year-old colt class with owner Xena Vimercati. Renegade O Mage won the two-year-old colt class for part bred Friesians. Craig Brown showed for Craig and Dorothy Brown.

Kwintus, with Robert Carver showing, won the junior stallion class for Friesians aged three to five years. Carver showed for owners Susan and Gary Cole. Leonardo Norsk won the part bred senior stallion world championship. Paul Bricco showed for Timothy Sigurdsen. Leonardo Norsk and Bricco also won the amateur to handle world championship for part bred stallions

Dante took the world title in the Friesian Senior Stallion Over Six Years of Age World Championship. Bricco handled for Friesian Quest LLC. Ivanhoe F.Q., also with Bricco handling, won the Friesian Stallion Amateur to Handle World Championship and the Baroque Stallion World Championship for Janet Lundeen-Austin.

Ivanhoe kept the wins coming when Robb Wallen showed in the National Champion Friesian Western Pleasure class for Austin to begin Thursday evening’s session.

Doeke H and Cathryn Hager won the Friesian Country Pleasure National Championship for young owner Jackson Cripe.

Cathryn Hager and Doeke


Roberta Josephs put Amber back in the winner’s circle when they were named the Hunt Seat Pleasure National Champions for Josephs and Steve Snyder.

Daimler B and Annika Bruggeworth won the Saddle Seat Pleasure Amateur National Championship.

Winze headed down victory lane in the Open Show Pleasure Driving National Championship with Lance Bennett driving for Friesian Focus.

Esteban won the Friesian Pleasure Driving Single Costume (Fantasy/Period) National Championship to add yet another title to his list for the weekend.

Azul and Amanda Olson were the Friesian English Show Hack Open National Champions for Georgia Novotny.

Otte van Riethof was the Open Park Saddle National Champion with Lance Bennett showing for Friesian Focus.

Gooitzen fan Teakesyl and Bruggeworth topped the Saddle Seat Pleasure Junior Horse National Championship, showing under the Jan Lukens Stables banner.

Berber Fan’t Nije Libben won the Tandem Riding National Championship with Bruce Griffin for Jeff and Melissa Wonnell.

Ate fan Bartleheim and Janna Goldman were the Amateur English Show Hack National Champions for Black Sterling Friesians.

Juri Van Der M and Endel Ots were crowned the Friesian Dressage Suitability Open National Champions for owner Ginna Frantz.

Feije, owned by Bob Nugent, took the national title in the Walk and Trot Pleasure Open class with Lance Bennett up.

Mon Amie J.W. won the Park Saddle Junior Horse National Championship for owners Brian and Robin McCully with Bruce Griffin showing. Griffin also showed Mira Nova to the junior horse saddle seat country pleasure class win to claim a national championship win for Anne Simon.

Foppe fan’e Lange Ekers and Joan Fernandez, owner of Friesian Focus, won the Friesian Amateur Walk and Trot National Championship to top five other entries.

Esteban won the Pleasure Driving Working Single Open National Championship with Dave Hennen driving for Deb Goldmann. Ronald and Ron Goldman were the amateur driving national champions for Black Sterling Friesians.

Jip Van Stal Goerls and Janna Goldman added another national title to the Black Sterling total when they won the English Show Hack Junior Horse class. Moor Van D’oeve and Bruce Griffin were the Hunt Seat Pleasure Junior Horse National Champions for owner Louise Shane.

Ritske won the six-entry Friesian Dressage Hack Amateur class to add another national championship to owner Max Ots’s total. Kassandra Barteau rode for the win. Kyran Oscuro was the part bred open dressage hack national champion with Elizabeth Nguyen up.

Ljibbe’s Valour won the Friesian Armored Costume World Championship. Owner Cassandra Adams rode for the world title.

Juri Van Der M added another win to Ginna Frantz’s total when Endel Ots headed to the winner’s circle in the Friesian Dressage Suitability Junior Horse National Championship.

Amber and Roberta Josephs won the Friesian Period Costume World Championship to begin Friday night’s session.

Esteban and Dave Hennen won the Friesian Pleasure Driving Concours d’ Elegance and the Friesian Pleasure Driving Single Turnout to add two more national titles for Goldmann.

Oedse K and David Trail were the Saddle Seat Amateur Country Pleasure National Champions for William Woods University.

Ivanhoe F.Q. carried Paul Bricco to the winner’s circle in the Friesian Amateur Western Pleasure class for Janet Lundeen-Austin.

The seven-entry Friesian Saddle Seat Pleasure Open National Championship was one of the evening’s best classes and the victory went to Wodan van Klaverfjouwer and Lance Bennett for Friesian Focus.

Carramba won a nicely filled Open Dressage Hack class and Barend Schurrsma was up for the national championship victory pass for Ron and Janna Goldman.

Amber was the Amateur Hunt Seat National Champion and was shown to the win by Rick Freeman. Kelsee Foote rode Flying W. Farms Baroness Von Truffle to the national championship in the Part Bred Open English Show Hack class.

The liberty classes were fun to watch as entries came in one at a time and were turned loose to parade for the judges. Winlyn won the Mare Liberty Class World Championship to get the ball rolling Saturday morning. Bruce Griffin showed for Brian and Robin McCully.

Doeke H. added another win to Jackson Cripe’s total but this time Cripe himself was in the irons. He rode to the national championship title in the Walk and Trot 10 and Under Leadline class under the direction of Lance Bennett.

Julia Goldman closed out her junior exhibitor career at the show and she won the ride and drive national championship class with Ronald to add another win to their career total.

Julia Goldman and Ronald

The World Champion Friesian Liberty Class for Geldings saw Esteban take yet another winning ribbon home to owner Deb Goldman when Dave Hennen turned the gelding loose to impress the judges.

Klimke was the Friesian Dressage Hack Junior Horse National Champion for Max Ots and was shown to the win by Kassandra Barteau.

Kwintus won the liberty class for the stallions and claimed the world championship victory for Gary and Susan Cole with Robert Carver showing.

The stallions, mares and geldings were allowed to show together in one class for the part bred Friesians and they were turned loose one at a time to showcase their athleticism. Leonardo Norsk was named the world champion with Paul Bricco showing for Timothy Sigurdsen.

Juri Van Der M and Endel Ots won the Friesian Dressage Suitability Open World Championship for Ginna Frantz.

Flying W. Farms’s Baroness Von Truffle and Kelsee Foote were again winners when they were named the Part Bred Friesian Hunt Seat Open Pleasure National Champions. Life Is Stormy also added another win in the part bred division when Jocelyn Hamann rode to the winner’s circle in the Part Bred Open Hunt Seat Pleasure National Championship.

Ritske and Kasandra Barteau topped the Friesian Amateur Dressage Hack World Championship class to start Saturday evening’s session.

Amber and Roberta Josephs won the Friesian Fantasy Costume Non Armored World Championship for Steve Snyder and Josephs.

Feije was the World Champion Friesian Walk and Trot Open Pleasure with Lance Bennett up for Bob Nugent.

Ivanhoe F.Q. and Robb Wallen won the Friesian Open Western Pleasure World Championship to add another win to Janet Lundeen-Austin’s title.

Oedse K and David Trail were crowned the Open Saddle Seat Country Pleasure World Champions for William Woods University.

Azul and Jocelyn Hamann were the world champion winners in the Open Hunt Seat Pleasure class.

Mebius and Nancy Schned returned to win the Amateur Saddle Seat Pleasure World Championship and add another win to their total.

Nancy Schned and Mebius won

under the direction of Bob Jensen.


Ronald and Julia Goldman weren’t done winning yet. They claimed the tricolor in the

Friesian Saddle Seat Pleasure or Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor class. Barend Schuursma added another win to the Goldmans’ total when Ravello won the Friesian English Show Hack Open World Championship.

Janna Weir Goldman with

Barend Schuursma and Ravello


Dante was the Open Park Saddle Friesian World Champion with Robb Wallen up for Tammy Hildreth of Friesian Quest.

Dante and Robb Wallen


Sunday’s session began with the Friesian Country Pleasure Amateur Saddle Seat World Championship and Oedse K took the first world title of the day with Leslie Mohme up.

Oedse and Leslie Mohme

represented William Woods University


Kelsee Foote and Baroness Von Truffle teamed up to win the Part Bred Junior Exhibitor Equitation (Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat or Western Seat) World Championship. They returned a little later to win the Part Bred Friesian Western Pleasure Junior Exhibitor World Championship.

Joan Fernandez and Foppe fan’e Lange Ekers were crowned the Friesian Amateur Walk and Trot World Champions to add another win to the Friesian Focus total.

Joan Fernandez, Nicole Fernandez

and Kim Cripe were one, two and four,

respectively, in the Friesian Amateur

Walk/Trot World Championship under

the direction of Lance Bennett.


Christina Fohr was up on Thor’s Mi Kanada to win the part bred costume class world championship.


Jessica Swenson and Victor Z won the Junior Exhibitor Friesian Hunt Seat Equitation World Championship.

Ivanhoe F.Q. added another western win to his total when Paul Brisco won the Amateur Western Pleasure World Championship class.

Ate fan Bartlehiem and Janna Goldman took the world title in the Friesian Amateur Show Hack class.

Kelsey Baird and Hoera Boszorg II were the Junior Exhibitor Friesian Saddle Seat Pleasure World Champions for owner Cheryl Baird and they also won the junior horse pleasure class for another world title Sunday afternoon.

Esteban was both the Friesian Obstacle Driving Single Timed Course National Champion and the Friesian Obstacle Driving Time Course Single/Pair Amateur National Champion with Dave Hennen showing in the open class and Deb Goldmann showing in the amateur class.

Azul and Jocelyn Hamann closed out the show with the win in the Friesian Hunter Hack National Championship class.

This highlights the winners of the 2007 IFSHA Friesian World and Grand National Championship Horse Show. Complete results can be seen and searched by clicking here.

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