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Hunter and Western Pleasure Symposium To Be Held at Connecticut Morgan Show

West Springfield, MA, will be the site of a June 7 symposium and hunt breakfast. The symposium on the hunter pleasure and western pleasure divisions will be held on Saturday morning from 9AM - 12 noon during the Connecticut Morgan Horse Show. The Brown/Klein family along with the Connecticut Morgan Horse Show Committee are sponsoring the event. The moderator will be Terry Jones Brennan, and the panelists will be Cindy Mugnier, Kathleen Peeples and Garn Walker.

Topics will include an overview of the hunter pleasure and western pleasure divisions, with discussions and commentary regarding frame, way of going, bridling, proper use of bits, cadence, and correct hand position. There will also be a discussion of issues including judging, scheduling of classes splitting of classes, and other pertinent concerns. In addition to the moderated forum, there will be an open question and answer period involving the audience. A transcript of the entire symposium will be available and a copy will be given to the Grand National Show Committee. Plan to attend and have your opinions heard.

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