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Hunter Country Pleasure Added to Saddlebred Record Champion Program

, Kentucky ­– The American Saddlebred Horse Association Board of Directors voted in July and again in October, 2006 approving the inclusion of Hunter Country Pleasure in the Saddlebred Record Champion program.  The ASHA is currently working on a project to award points retroactive to 1992, when the Country Pleasure division first became a part of the Saddlebred Record program.


"Based on lengthy discussion in the Pleasure Committee and at the board level on a couple of occasions, our leadership felt it was time now to add the Hunter Pleasure horses to this program," commented ASHA Secretary/Registrar Alan F. Balch, "and since these classes have been small but growing since they were first offered, we don't expect too many new horses to achieve CH status right away.  This is a strong incentive, however, for more members to show more horses in the Hunter Pleasure classes, and be appropriately recognized in the Registry's prize programs."


The eligible classes, points system and application process are documented on the ASHA website,  Under the “Prize Programs” heading is a link to Saddlebred Record.


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