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Do the names Bourbon King, King’s Genius, Edna May’s King, Leatherwood King and Starheart Stonewall ring a bell? How about Allie G. Jones, H.S. Caywood, Max Biederman, Stoddard Young, or Robert S. McCray? These and many other horses and horsemen of note came from Bourbon County, Kentucky – birthplace of fine bourbon and even finer Saddlebreds. The American Saddlebred Museum located on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY needs your help in locating items related to Bourbon County.

The Museum’s 2005 exhibit The House of Bourbon: Bourbon County’s Saddlebred Kingdom will focus on the influence the horses and horsemen of Bourbon County have had on our breed. Look through any current magazine and you will still see the word “Bourbon” in many horses’ names. Some of the foremost sires in the registry were bred, foaled, raised or trained in Bourbon County. The Museum hopes to locate items from Civil War times up through the 1950’s. They are looking for film footage, photos, artwork, memorabilia, tack, trophies, ribbons and personal effects pertaining to Bourbon County’s Saddlebred horses and horsemen.

If you have any information that would be of use to this exhibit, you may contact the Museum’s director, Ms. Tolley Graves by email at or by phone at 859-259-2746. You may also contact curator Kim Skipton at

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