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The Humanitarians Live Up To Their Name

Dr. Wayne T. Moses (left) and Louis J. Labadini

with the Humanitarians’ Toys for Tots project.


The Humanitarians had a busy Christmas playing Santa Claus to many by distributing over 5000 toys and games, 127 turkeys, a total of 682 goody boxes to our troops in Iraq, 1131 phone cards to the troops, sent 6 live Christmas trees to Iraq and 27 Publix gift certificates for needy families and children. 


As "Dr. Wayne" says, "We are often so caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey. Especially the goodness of the people we meet along the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don't overlook it." 


The journey with the less fortunate is an awesome experience with those less fortunate wearing smiles and echoing expressions of 'thank you' and all because the Humanitarians keep caring and sharing with them.  The Humanitarians continue to collect toys for The Humanitarians Toys for Tots Program all year as so many requests are made from organizations for birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts.


The Humanitarian Society's Challenge of Champions World Class Charity Horse Show makes this all possible.  The Humanitarians started a Humanitarian Awards Room at J. C. Mitchell School, which will benefit many children as they prove themselves in excelling with their studies.  They also continue project operation goody boxes, which they will continue as the old song goes 'until the troops come marching home again.'   


Donations of moneys, goody box supplies and toys are always appreciated.  For further information on the Humanitarians call (561) 362-8530.



Dr. Wayne T. Moses (left) and Louis J. Labadini

display a few of the phone cards sent
to American troops in Iraq.

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