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How Do Horses Age?


You may be familiar with how dogs age as compared to humans, but what about the horse? In the first year of life, the foal grows more rapidly that the human child. From birth until three years, the horse ages approximately 6.5 years for every human year. In his third of life, the horse's age slows to about five years for every human year. The three-year-old horse is the rough equivalent of an 18-year-old human. From four years on, the horse ages only about 2.5 years for each human year. A 22-year-old horse is approximately 65 years old in human terms. A horse that lives to the ripe old age of 36 is the equivalent of a 100-year-old person.

All age equivalents in the chart are appropriate, and just as with humans, some animals age better than others.



1 year

6.5 years

2 years

13 years

3 years

18 years

4 years

20.5 years

10 years

35.5 years

17 years

53 years

20 years

60.5 years

24 years

70.5 years

30 years

85.5 years

36 years

100.5 years

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