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It's Almost Year End and Did You Know SBR has a Show Horse Donation Program?

Why did we put this program together?

Several years ago we decided to put together our 501c3 status, our ability to use our "Safety Net" for the horses donated, support the industry by focusing our program as an opportunity for UPHA members (trainers and instructors) and ultimately benefiting the rescue.  So we can use our nonprofit tax status for owners to donate horses like they have done to colleges, we can eliminate the risk of the donated horse from ever being sent down the road, we can support the industry by keeping more horses in training in the industry and there can be a financial benefit to help fund the rescue.  This is the general idea for this program which began in November 2011 with the horse Red-Headed Rachel.
How does the program work?

In it's perfect form this is a donation and lease so that the horse may never have to leave its current barn.  So if a trainer has a customer that needs to donate a horse and the trainer would like to keep the horse in the barn the customer can donate the horse to Saddlebred Rescue. At the same time the trainer can lease the horse from Saddlebred Rescue and sublease the horse to another party in their barn.  In our program only UPHA members can lease a horse directly from the rescue.  They in turn can sublease the horse to another customer and keep the horse in training.  Under the lease the payments to the rescue for the annual lease fee can be passed down to the sub-lessee as well as the required insurance coverage required.  Leases can be year to year or multi-year and the horse never has to be shipped to the rescue in New Jersey.  The rescue helps with the documentation process, the insurance application process with Independent Equine Associates, signs the IRS Tax Form 8283 if needed for the donating party and monitors the care and placement of the horse.  The rescue sets the annual lease fee rate which can vary and we will get involved with the lease placement if needed.  The horses coming in to this program can be selective and if there is not an immediate lease the horses are shipped to the rescue in New Jersey by the donating party for evaluation and lease placement.  We have had several cases where the donated horses stayed with the current trainer. We have had other cases where the horses went directly to another barn and trainer still bypassing New Jersey. In some cases horses were shipped to New Jersey and leases were arranged at a later date.  There are options at the end of a multi year lease situation where the party can adopt the horse permanently for an additional one time fee.

What is our current status?
In recent months most of our activity has been with Five-gaited horses.  We have recently closed a new lease for 2020 with a new trainer in the Midwest for a horse that was previously under lease in 2018 and 2019 here in our local area.  We have also placed a newly donated gaited horse that came to us in New Jersey with a trainer on the East Coast for the 2020 show season.  In inventory we still have 2 other Five-gaited horses; both geldings and one a coming 5 year old and the other 9 year old.  You will NOT FIND these horses on our website.  Any inquiries about these horses and our program can be made to Nealia McCracken at 908 894 0950 (cell), 908 362 8285 (residence) or

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