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Your horse is WHERE?

LEXINGTON, KY -- With more than 300,000 horses in the state of Kentucky, and more than nine million horses across the United States, it is inevitable that many of these horses find themselves in precarious, life-threatening situations.   That’s why the Kentucky Horse Park is pleased to announce a seminar which is open to the public, Large Animal Emergency Response Training, August 8-10 at the park.


Led by the world-renowned equine veterinarians from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, the seminar organizers strive to educate veterinarians, first responders and individual horse owners in large animal emergency response techniques by offering an extensive three-day course utilizing live, trained horses in demonstrations.  Drs. Rebecca and Thomas Gimenez will instruct and provide hands-on training for rescue and transport of a recumbent horse, containment of large animals in emergency situations, mud and water rescue, trailer accidents and night search and rescue.


John Nicholson, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park noted, “In a state whose history, traditions, economy, fame and culture sit squarely on the backs of horses, we believe it is the obligation of every citizen to contribute to the welfare of these treasured animals.  One way to accomplish this is to be prepared to assist in case of an emergency.”  He continued, “We are very pleased to partner with the excellent veterinarians at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute by providing the venue for this critical, life-saving training.”


The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's Emergency Response Team is a group of veterinarians and technicians highly skilled in technical rescue techniques. This dedicated team and its ambulance are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for equine emergency situations. Response areas include Fayette, Bourbon, Scott and Woodford counties in the state of Kentucky. One of their main objectives is to raise awareness and the level of care for horses in critical situations by providing a well-known, state-of-the-art training program for veterinarians and lay people around the world, with the local goal of having one hundred rescue personnel, veterinarians and technicians trained in Technical Large Animal Rescue by 2006 in Central Kentucky.


The fee for the extensive three-day course is $295 per person, which includes lunch. Space is limited and registration is required.  It is being made possible through the generous sponsorship of Fort Dodge Animal Health, USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, the Kentucky Horse Council, Thoroughbred Charities of America, the Kentucky Horse Park and The Horse magazine.


For more information on the Large Animal Emergency Response Training, contact LaTonna Wilson at 859-255-8741 or or Hagyard’s website at

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