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Honor Your World Champion for a Lifetime!

Winning a World’s Championship is a special achievement that not many horses or riders can say they have earned. We know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this pinnacle. Let Saddle Horse Report Online help you honor your World Champion with an ad in our World Champion section at:


Horses/ponies/riders that win first or second at Louisville and Oklahoma City are eligible for World Champion online ads. Full color World Champion ads are $350 each and stay posted on SHR Online in perpetuity. A print ad is not a prerequisite. All you need is to provide a photo and we do the rest.


As an added bonus, Saddle Horse Report will send a photo and press release to the local newspaper of each person who places a World Champion ad in 2006.


To place a World Champion ad on Saddle Horse Report Online, contact Susan Harris, Online Editor, at (336) 722-0242 (phone), (336) 749-4681 (cell), or



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