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High Point Report...part 3

Adult Show Pleasure Driving

CH Heirs Town and Alice Unger can add another win to their resume, this time in the High Point Report. The 18-45 Pleasure Driving World’s Champions also amassed wins at Madison, Milwaukee, Tanbark, Wisconsin Futurity, Midwest and the American Royal this season to earn a total of 215 points and claim the victory.

In a competitive division, Terri Dolan and CH Harlem’s Strong Will were only 13 points behind the winner. They earned a reserve world’s championship as well as wins at Penn National, Oklahoma Centennial, St. Louis, Midwest, and Asheville to earn 202 points and a reserve finish in the High Point Report.

Kelly’s Santana and was shown by different drivers all season long, but the results were virtually the same. Santana earned 190 points in 14 performances with 11 of these performances resulting in blue. Current owner Gerald Miller did the honors himself at Boone County Fair and All American Classic, but other drivers included Tami Johnson, Susan Bartlett, Jennifer Simmons, Jerome Radar and Brendan Heintz.

CH Tamarack’s Lightning Strikes and Tara Duff won the world’s grand championship this year at Louisville. She also showed 12 more times to earn a top three finish every time. She finished up the year with 189 points giving them a fourth place finish in the points race.

CH Harlem Heat and Lib Jones enjoyed a terrific season including wins at Lexington, Kentucky Fall Classic, Blue Ridge, and Southeastern. They also earned a reserve world’s championship for a total of 187 points and a fifth place finish in the High Point Report.

Also in the top ten were Harlem’s Babe Ruth and Susan Whittington, Shamanic Dream, Harlem’s Proud Mary and Ann Curl, Callaway’s Carnegie Hall and Karen Coup, and CH The Tonight Show with Martha Pope.

Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving

It was a tight race to the finish in junior exhibitor show pleasure driving with only 10 points separating our winners. CH Olympic Charm and Sammy Jo Galica edged out the competition to earn 112 points in seven performances. A third, fourth and fifth place finish at Louisville earned them 63 points. The remainder of their points were earned with wins at Oshkosh, Wisconsin Futurity, Milwaukee Spring and a reserve at Madison. Their 112 points earned them the title of High Point Report Champion.

Foxy’s Delight and Rebecca Salley earned the Reserve High Point Report finish with 102 points. They did well at Louisville with a second, fourth and fifth place finish. Two more reserves at Rock Creek and Midwest completed the point total.

Callaway’s Northwind and Holly Wilson earned 86 points to finish in third in the points race. In seven performances, they consistently came out with a strong ribbon including a blue at Roanoke Valley.

Showboat’s Casino and Lyndi Skinner won the Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving Championship at Louisville to earn 30 points. Her remaining 54 points were earned at Nebraska Charity, Des Moines Springfest and Calvary Episcopal.

Titleist Symbol and Whitney Anderson only showed four times, but the result was three blues including the ASHAF Show Pleasure Driving Challenge at Louisville and a third place finish in the Show Pleasure Driving World’s Grand Championship. This earned them 84 points to tie for the fourth spot in the High Point Report.

CH Advantage Me and Aliyah Asch took two reserves at Louisville to earn 54 points. Two more performances at Del Mar and Lexington completed their point total of 82 for a fifth place finish in the division.

The remainder of the top ten winners were I’m The Real Deal and Allie Wellington, Reedann’s Whispering Leaves and Ali DeGray, Harlem’s Dark Star and Jessica Williamson, Charlaton and Kelley Avery, Meadowcreek’s Town Attraction and Katie Singleton, and The Perfect Storm with Tara Grom.

Adult Country Pleasure

CH The Shadow Knows and Karen Smith enjoyed another outstanding season, earning the High Point Report Championship with an 84 point margin of victory. The 31-45 age group world’s champion also won blue ribbons at Madison Classic, Tanbark, Blue Ridge, Wisconsin Futurity, Milwaukee Spring, Mid America Mane Event, Wisconsin Futurity, Midwest and the American Royal. Smith and The Shadow Knows enjoyed a stellar season, and have now added another victory to their list; the High Point Report Championship.

Carol Hillenbrand and Callaway’s Blue Agate were also consistent winners in the division and their 12 performances eight blue ribbons including the world’s grand championship and world’s championship. All those blue ribbons earned them 214 points and a reserve finish in the points race.

Well Spoken, with Kitty and Kelly Theis, earned 174 points in 13 performances. Kitty and Kelly took turns showing across the Midwest to earn five blue ribbons, five red ribbons and three yellows.

Callaway’s Cassandra earned 167 points to finish in fourth in the points race thanks to some help from owner/rider Christy Parson's friend Alison Montoya. Montoya showed four times to add 46 points to her total, while Parsons enjoyed a fun and successful season highlighted by two wins at Lexington.

CH Mr. Gary Cooper and Melissa Scrushy tied for fourth in the High Point Report also with 167 points earned in 13 performances. This dynamic team's season was highlighted by wins at Pro Am.

Salt Heir and Beth Krueger earned 153 points in 12 performances to earn fifth place in the point standings. Wins at Des Moines, Mid States Horse Show, Madison Classic and Illinois State Fair were highlights from the season.

Rounding out the top ten champions are Lady Mysterious and Marion Bryan, Magikal Marissa and Elizabeth Coup, CH Bonnie Santana and Debbie Palmer, CH Mirific and Bonnie Kegley, and CH Spike Leigh with Jacqueline Manzo.

Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure

Lindsay Taylor and Spice Queen topped the High Point Report in the junior exhibitor country pleasure category, earning 253 points, nearly 50 more than the next competitor. In addition to a reserve world’s championship, this exciting team earned 13 blue ribbons in their 18 performances.

Rebekah Cloninger and CH Attache’s Irish Wine earned the reserve high point award with 18 performances resulting in seven blue ribbons and six reserve finishes. This dynamic team also earned a third place finish at Louisville this year. Together they earned 204 points to claim the reserve finish in the standings.

So Much To Say and Ali Leiterman earned a reserve at Louisville and had wins at Blue Ridge and Mid America Mane Event to highlight their 2004 season. With a total of 11 performances, they earned 202 points to claim the third place finish.

Leatherwood’s Fanfare also earned 202 points to tie for the third place spot. Andrea Wolkoff directed Leatherwood’s Fanfare to ten blue ribbons this season and five reserves including a reserve world’s championship.

Protector and Jessica Moctezuma went to the show ring 14 times this season to earn 185 points including a world’s championship and wins at Penn National, Octoberfest, Syracuse, Children’s Benefit, Connecticut Summer Classic, and Lexington Junior League. This earned them the fourth place spot in the rankings.

Harlem’s Half Moon and Kerri McDaniel showed 11 times to earn 178 points and the fifth place spot in the points system. Wins at Rock Creek, Roanoke, Lexington Junior League, ASHAV, Bonnie Blue, and Louisville made for a successful season for this pair.

Rounding out the top ten finishers are Midtown Man and Kendyl Tracy, Heart O Summer and Emilee Healey, Second Thoughts and Michael Nall, The Gun Moll and Emily Doll, Law Me and Amy Hein and Callaway’s CH Hardin with Katie McLaughlin.

Country Pleasure Driving

Another Hollow Haven contender topped the High Point Report. This time it was the multi-titled world’s grand champion performer Callaway’s Pretty Penny and Nancy Anderson. In 17 performances in 2004, the champion earned 17 blue ribbons, enjoying an undefeated season despite the toughest of competition. They earned 330 points, 45 more than the nearest competitor, and led the High Point Report in their division for the second year in a row.

Heirithmatic and Donna Smith earned the reserve High Point Report Championship. This well-teamed pair took to the ring 18 times this season to earn wins at May Classic, All American, Kentucky Spring Premier, Kentucky Fall Classic and Rock Creek. Add to that a second and fourth place finish at Louisville and strong performances at Lexington, Midwest and Southeastern and the result was a strong finish.

What A Keepsake and Debbie Koning earned 219 points in 14 performances to claim the third spot in the point standings. A world’s championship and reserve world’s grand championship highlighted the season and they also earned wins at J.D. Massey, Southeastern, ASAC, Chattanooga/Cleveland, and Alabama Charity.

Kalarama’s High Roller and James Rosburg earned 177 points in 11 performances including a second and third place finish at Louisville. A total of seven blue ribbons and three reds made for a terrific season for this team.

CH John D. Smith and Elizabeth James Lipscomb earned a fifth place finish in the point standings with 162 points earned in 12 performances. Wins were earned at Oshkosh, National Pleasure Show and ASAW Summer Fun.

The remainder of the top ten champions were Highpoint’s Supreme Thunder, Gold Commission and Neil Thorpe, Kourageous Genius Supreme and Judith Manning, Hit Man’s Special Delivery and Eddie Lewis, and By All That’s Holy with Moe Anson.

Adult Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

With over 200 horses earning points in this competitive category, it was quite a points race all year long. Carrie Warner and Forever Aptor ended the year by winning with 284 points, 27 points more than their nearest competitor. Together they went to the ring 17 times and came away the winner nine times and reserve winner five times. They also earned a third place finish at Louisville to add 24 points to the total.

CH Night So Rare and Ann MacMurray Cox also made 17 trips to the ring in 2004. Their results, five blues and five reserves, earned them 257 points including third and fourth place finishes at Louisville.

CH Callaway’s Capitol Reporter and Theresa Vonderschmitt, by contrast, entered the ring eight times to earn 177 points. When she did show, she made it count. Seven blue ribbons and a reserve world's championship added up to a great year in 2004.

CH Callaway’s Rockaway and Chris Nalley remain consistent champions in the show ring. In 2004 they showed ten times to earn 165 points with five firsts, four seconds and a third in the championship at Louisville.

Allied Heir Strike earned fifth place with 164 points. Whether ridden by Elizabeth or Katie Coup or Kirk Osburg, Allied Heir Strike was consistently in the top ribbons, earning eight blues in 14 trips this season.

The remaining top ten champions included Champagne’s Irish Sea and Deborah Butler, CH LA Wing Victory and Kate Ryan, CH Hear The Music and Jenna Vannoy, Collective Soul and Erich Aschenbrenner, and Fourth Down with Dori Zandy.

Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

It was a close race in the junior exhibitor ranks with only 19 points separating first and second place.

Berry Garcia and Grant Shiflet edged out the competition with 12 trips to the show ring, resulting in strong performances throughout the season and two sixth place finishes at Louisville. Richard Drew owned this consistent performer in 2004.

Turn On The Heat earned the reserve high point finish for owner Nancy Churchill. Catch riders Kelsey Price and Ali Judah did a good job of showcasing the champion in eight performances, including Judah's two wins at Asheville.

CH Peppermint Sonburst and Sarah Sessoms earned the third place position in the rankings with 134 points in eight performances. The highlight of the season included a world’s championship, reserve world’s grand championship and Five-Gaited Pleasure National Championship as well as other exciting wins at Bonnie Blue and ASHAV.

Rock the Jukebox and Pepper Baumer showed four times to four wins this season including two wins at Louisville to earn 134 points and the fourth place finish.

CH Rastafarian and Megan Ryan earned the fifth place finish in the point standings. Highlights of their season included a win at Raleigh Spring Premier and two top reserves at ASHAV.

Rounding out the top ten champions were Believe Her and Mallory Greaves, Admiral’s Gifted Miss and Ashley Dickinson, Drambuie and Ashley Walker, CH My Korbel and Victoria Woodruff, Bongo and Grace Ann Walker, and Mountainview’s King for a Day with Katie Scott.

Open Roadster to Bike

Speed and stamina are important qualities in roadster horses, and nowhere were these more evident than in the open ranks. Our High Point Report Champion showed 13 times to earn 154 points, 16 more than the nearest competitor. Royal Count and James Nichols both love the ring and it shows. Highlights of the season included wins at Germantown, Oklahoma Centennial and St. Louis. Penny Lane Farms owns the High Point Report Champion.

Main Man DDR and Merrill Murray earned 138 points to claim reserve high point honors in eight performances. They won virtually everywhere they went including All American Classic, the American Royal, Shelbyville, and ASHAV. Main Man DDR is now poised to take on the west coast roadster competitors with Marie Peyman and Bob Facciola.

The Intimidator and Jimmy Robertson won at Tampa, Devon, Bonnie Blue, and Shelbyville to earn 137 points in 11 performances and third place in the point standings. Owners L.D. Boyd and Lori Boyd Van Gordon also took turns in the ring with this champion.

Braveheart and Marilyn Macfarlane entered the ring seven times and earned five blue ribbons including the Ladies Roadster to Bike World’s Championship and the reserve world’s grand championship. This gave them 126 points to finish in fourth.

Bunker Buster earned fifth place in the points standings with drivers Lonnie Quarles, Melinda Moore and Danny Bugg for SGF Winning Ways Farm. Eleven trips to the ring netted seven blues and a reserve world’s championship.

The remaining top ten point champions were Power Ranger and Raymond Shively, Valiant and Danette Musselman, Geronimo and Danny Bugg, Air Force One and Jim Nottage, Special Rose and Mary Jo Schmidt, Scruff, with Debbie Koning, and Alcazar.

Amateur Roadster to Bike

Westgate Villain and Michael Gordon topped the amateur category for the roadsters. This talented team entered the ring nine times to earn 154 points. Wins at Asheville, J.D. Massey, Southeastern, and Chattanooga/Cleveland highlighted their season.

Deborah Butler and Dirt Devil were only seven points behind the champion and, as always, pushing all the way. They showed eight times to win seven blues including the Amateur Ladies World’s Championship and a reserve world’s grand championship. This earned them 147 points and the reserve high point finish.

Kentucky Wildcat and Jon Dabareiner earned a third place finish in the High Point Report with 141 points earned in eight performances. Together they earned five blue ribbons and third and fourth place finishes at Louisville.

Gingerbread Man and Danny Bugg were only one point behind to finish fourth in the standings. They showed seven times and earned blue ribbons every time out including two victories at Louisville.

Delorenzo and Brad Bacon earned 136 points for the fifth position. They also earned a world’s championship and had good shows at Midwest, Illinois State Fair, and the American Royal.

Rounding out the top ten champions were Hia Gal and Tom Fiedler, Guess Who and Misdee Wrigley, Sour Grapes and Mark Catron, Rompaway and Hunter Maddy, and Lexus with David Crockett.

Junior Exhibitor Roadster Horse

In response to numerous requests, we added this category for 2004.

I Would If I Could and Jeb Boyd won the division by two points. They earned their points with two second places and a third. Romeo Windswept and Deidre Davis finished in second with two shows, both wins, at Blue Ridge and Louisville.

Always On and Bryce Gomes earned 36 points with reserves at Louisville and Lawrenceburg.

Rum’s Last Shot and Dakota Willimon earned 32 points with a third at Louisville and a third at Mercer County.

Royal Count and Kelsey Sapp earned the fifth place in the points with only one show, but that important win earned a world's championship title.

Rounding out the top ten champions were At Full Throttle and Holli McDowell, Imus and Allison Moore, Roe Junction and Ashley Moore, The Main Star and Amy Huffman, Rompaway and Hunter Maddy, Where’s Reuben and John Simpson, Montana and Hunter Maddy, and Excess Is Not Enough with Casey McKibbage. Road Horse to Wagon

A new category for the High Point Report in 2004 is the Road Horse to Wagon. The first High Point Report Champion is none other than Ashland. The world’s grand champion and world’s champion with Mike Barlow, Ashland earned 180 points, 37 more than the nearest competitor, to drive away with the title. Howard and Bobbye Six own this talented entry and they watched her earn 10 blue ribbons in an undefeated season in 2004.

Invincible Summer and Judy McNeish were this year’s Amateur Roadster to Wagon World’s Champions and they too have enjoyed a successful season. With wins at Midwest and the American Royal as well as Louisville, McNeish and Invincible Summer are popular contenders. They earned 143 points in their seven performances.

The African Queen and Brad Bacon earned 137 points in their seven outings including wins at Illinois State Fair and Midwest and they scored a third and fourth place finish in world’s championship competition.

Stylish Stepper and Ty Thomas earned 77 points in their five outings in 2004 with wins at Mercer County and Lawrenceburg as well as a Reserve World’s Grand Championship to finish in the fourth place in the high point standings.

Lucky Break and Pres Oder earned their 74 points in four performances at Illinois State Fair and Midwest.

Rounding out the top ten are Norwell Dancer and Mark Catron, The Navigator and Lucky Wallingford, Road Kill and Susan Whitaker, Despite It All and Steve Crabtree, and Top Flight JJ with Phillip Bisch.
Roadster Under Saddle

Where Are We Now edged out Grouchy for the High Point Report lead by just seven points with both horses showing seven times this season. Where Are We Now and Melody Adler made great shows at Midwest and had reserve performances at Asheville, Mercer County and Asheville. A fourth place finish with Chantel Coetzee in the qualifier at Louisville and a seventh place finish in the world’s championship brought the point total to 109, enough to claim the top spot in this division of the High Point Report.

Grouchy and Coco Evans Judd won at Dixie Jubilee, had good ribbons at Oklahoma, Midwest and the Royal and claimed a third and sixth place finish at Louisville to earn their 102 points and a reserve finish in the High Point Report.

Melissa Moore showed All Glory to three wins this season for owner Belle Reve Farm at Asheville, Rock Creek and Lexington. Owner Elizabeth Shatner took the irons herself to win the Amateur Roadster Under Saddle World’s Championship and add 30 points to their total of 90 points, which earned them the third place finish in the point standings.

Debbie Koning and Pretty Woman earned first place ribbons at J.D. Massey, ASAC, and Blue Ridge to earn 84 points, enough to qualify for fourth place.

At Full Throttle and Holli McDowell earned 79 points in six performances including a reserve world’s championship. Highlights of the season also included wins at Mercer County and Alabama Charity.

Lady Hawke and Danette Musselman were reserve world’s champions in the open road horse under saddle class at Louisville. They also earned a first place ribbon at the Royal and a reserve at Lexington to earn their 65 points.

Rounding out the top ten were Dick Francis and Jonelle Chovanec, Rader Man and Drew Hagens, High Velocity, and Valiant with Danette Musselman.

Open Roadster Pony

Andy Freseth directed Calvin Hobbs to the top of our High Point Report with an incredible season. The team earned 202 points, 39 more than the nearest competitor. Their 11 performances resulted in eight blue ribbons and three reserves, including two reserve performances at Louisville for owner Priscilla Gise.

Rick Wallen and Thunder and Lightning also enjoyed a strong season with top level effort at five different horse shows in 10 performances. Consistency paid off for owners Chuck and Denise Steinhauer.

Mary and Harry Daughtry each took turns driving Vivacious EF and with eight firsts and three seconds out of 15 performances. The Daughtrys propelled Vivacious into the third place finish in our High Point Report.

The 2004 World’s Grand Champion Roadster Pony Desert Prince earned 124 points, in eight performances, to earn the fourth place finish in the point standings. In addition to winning at Louisville, Desert Prince won at Gasparilla, Tampa, Asheville, and Pro Am. Whether Ruth Gimpel, Gerald Moores or Ronnie Graham was at the lines, Desert Prince proved his consistency.

Heartland Memory and Mary Campbell also won a world’s championship in addition to wins at Madison, Midwest and All American Classic. In seven performances the talented team earned 123 points to earn a fifth place finish in the points race.

The remaining top ten champions were King’s High Spirit and Laurel Eckloff, Seamair’s Caprice and Margaret Robertson, Heartland Picture Perfect and Kurt Antonacci, Dun-Haven Highly Impressive and Deidre Henry, My Party Manners and Jane Mueller, and Wait and See’s Rio Lobo with Jay Wood.

Amateur Roadster Pony

Another dominant winner was in the amateur roadster pony division where Heartland Sundust cleared the competition by 70 points. Heartland Sundust and Mary Gise earned 276 points with wins at Midwest, Wisconsin Futurity, Milwaukee, Madison, Mid America Mane Event, Oklahoma Centennial, Tanbark and Blue Ridge. They also earned a reserve world’s championship and were third in the championship at Louisville.

Buckwheat and Ann Fitzpatrick also enjoyed a terrific season. Wins at Gasparilla, Kentucky Spring Premier and Southeastern highlighted a season which earned 206 points to earn the Reserve High Point Championship. Seize The Moment and Susan Harris won classes all across the country including Carolina Classic, Asheville, and J.D. Massey. Brad Bacon then showed to win the Amateur Roadster Pony World’s Grand Championship which brought 30 points to their total of 143 for third place.

Halluelujah and Brooks Irvin Fulton had a good season earning 118 points in nine performances. Highlights included two wins at the North Carolina State Fair.

Dun Haven’s Awesome Image and Georgia Blevins made good shows at Rock Creek, Lexington, Louisville and the American Royal to earn 115 points in seven performances to secure the fifth place finish in the points.

The remaining top ten high point winners were Cappuccino and Brenda Kelly, Sis and Jeff McClean, Heartland Memory and Mary Campbell, Heartland Wonderful Miss and Abby Jones, and Coach Light’s Shockwave with Cindy Jackson.

Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony

Rebekah Cloninger and Dun Haven Grandiose had an impressive year. In 16 performances they amassed wins at North Carolina State Fair, J.D. Massey, Raleigh Spring Premier, Asheville, and North Carolina State Championships, not to mention other strong performances all across the Southeast and two seventh place finishes at Louisville. This earned them 195 points to be crowned High Point Report champions.

Boot Scootin Boogie and Allie Wellington also hail from the Carolinas and together they earned 170 points with wins at Morristown Charity, Carolina Classic, and North Carolina State Fair. These earned them the reserve title in the division.

Free Willy and Ali Rosburg earned 157 points in nine outings to finish in third place. Wins at Tampa, Gasparilla, Pro Am, Asheville and Lexington added to a world’s championship and reserve world’s grand championship made for an outstanding season.

Tijuana Souvenir and Dylan Hutson claimed fourth place in the standings with 149 points earned at Rock Creek, Pro Am, Lexington and the American Royal. They also went home with a world’s grand championship and reserve world’s championship.

Max Kaplan directed Boxford Courageous Spirit to the fifth place finish with 144 points earned in 10 outings. Highlights included wins at MHSA Kick Off, UPHA Chapter 5, the Tom Bass Classic, and Calvary Episcopal.

Rounding out the top ten point getters were Dun Haven Majestic Motion and Meredithe Steinhauer, Zildjian and Connor Leith, Fast Eddie and Mark Whittington, Catch The Spirit and Dustin Lassett, and Shooting Star with Jeb Boyd.


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