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High Point REPORT Deadline December 15

The deadline for the Saddle Horse Report High Point REPORT is December 15, 2009. All shows entered by this time will be included in the point totals for horses competing in High Point divisions. All corrections to show results should also be submitted by this deadline of December 15, 2009.

Through November 11, 2009 the Saddle Horse Report has results from 246 shows across the country, making the High Point REPORT the most complete high point program in the industry.

The High Point REPORT awards a winner and top 10 certificates in 57 categories for the American Saddlebred and 44 categories for the Morgan horse which means over 1000 winning horses across the country. The 2009 High Point REPORT will be the 7th edition of the program.

The current High Point REPORT standings can be viewed by clicking here.

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