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Hicks Stables’ Open House


by Bob Funkhouser


On what was a promising Saturday in the middle of a February deep freeze, Rodney, Janet and Danny Hicks held their annual open house at their Pittsfield, Mass., facility. The Rodney Hicks Stables is housed in the extremely large and functional Sebring Stables. In addition to training world-class ponies, Hicks also has a few Morgans on his string and has become a familiar figure at the Morgan shows with Harry Sebring and company.


Saturday afternoon friends and customers gathered around in the indoor arena and the sheltered confines of the heated viewing room to see several ponies worked by Hicks who was assisted by Kerry Wrenn. A few extremely promising prospects were presented in addition to some of the veteran stars who were getting ready for UPHA Spring Premiere in April.


After a few hours of entertaining performances and catching up on everyone’s winter so far, the open house group made their way to the Bosquet Ski Lodge a few miles away where several other horsy friends joined for food and drink and a great night of socializing and dancing.


“We’ve had the party at the Bosquet ski area in February for the past two years,” said Janet. “It’s a good time to have it because everyone isn’t as busy as the holidays. It’s a good way to get together with everyone so the winter doesn’t seem so long. It’s also a nice time to see all the new ponies and horses and see how the youngsters are doing.”


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