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Help Make Programs Happen, Join Our Giddy Up & Give Campaign

Would it surprise you to know that only 1% of our membership donate to the ASHBA? Those same people sponsor our programs and events.

With that in mind, our new Development Committee is launching a Fund-Raising campaign that we call “Giddy Up and Give.” We want our entire membership to have a part in supporting the American Saddlebred. 100%!

Today we are facing challenges that require a team effort from all of us. ASHBA is taking steps to more aggressively meet the needs of our members, programs and horses. These needs include:

 * Making our shows bigger, stronger and financially stable.

 * Saving and caring for horses in need.

 * Helping to solve the financial needs of kids pursuing equine studies.

To be a part of this great effort, all you have to do is donate $25 or more. If you’re an ASHBA member, we’re counting on you. We’re all united in our love for the American Saddlebred. Here’s an easy way to show it.

 Giddy Up & Give

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