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Helen Rosburg, The Lady Wears Many Hats.

The Lady Wears Many Hats

By Lynn Hutchinson

The name Helen Rosburg is a familiar one to everyone in the Saddlebred World, showing under the direction of Ruth Gimpel Stables in Florida. What many don’t realize is that, as the old saying goes, “this lady wears many hats.”

She is an excellent equestrian, a lover of all types of animals, and places foremost importance in her life on being a good wife and mother. In fact such a good mother that at the Asheville Horse Show she didn't want to discuss her books in length until Ali arrived at the show. She "just couldn't focus" until her young - and very beautiful daughter safely arrived.

But then the secret life. This woman loves to write. Rosburg stated with great passion, "Ever since the first grade I've wanted to write. I always entered short story contests and I'll never forget that at my eighth grade graduation I won first, second and third in all three categories for writing. I guess you could say it's an obsession with me."

Rosburg stated that it's really hard to stay focused on her many passions. When she first gets up, usually writing is her main thought, then later on it's either her family or horses. But she must have time for the focus part as she's written many books, one of the first being "The Circle Of A Promise." And what many don't realize is that most of her books feature a different breed of horse; "The Circle Of A Promise" contains the Destrier Medieval War Horse; "By Honor Bound" and "For Love Of Honor" featured the Lipizzan horse; and "The Call Of The Trumpet showcased the Arabian horse.

In the near future Ali will be featured on one of her mother's book covers. And then, we can expect a book where you just may see your own name or horse's name featured, of course in disguise, about a girl who can talk with horses.

Rosburg has also published two books of poetry and an E Book, "The Dream Thief," which can be found at All of her publications can be found in any major book store or by going to

When asked how horses came into her life Rosburg stated, "My father played polo and when I was about six months old he rode up, scooped me up on his horse, of course, with my mom freaking out. And the rest is history."

"When I'm too old to get on a horse I'll still be writing," she said. And of course, she will still be the "woman of many hats".

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