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Hackney Survey To Be Used To Determine Long Term Business Plan

The American Hackney Horse Society Foundation will be sending out a survey to obtain vital information and statistics regarding the perception of the Hackney breed, improvements needed, regional show needs and other informational tools. This survey will be used to assist the breed organization, show management and aid in identifying those areas important to exhibitors, show management, breeders and trainers.

Members of the AHHS will automatically receive a survey, but those individuals wishing to partake in the survey should contact the AHHS at 859-255-8694 or Anna Marie Knipp / AHHSF at 636-327-4622; fax 636-639-9060 or go to the AHHS web site and download the survey. The survey should be available by October 15, 2003.

Your ideas, suggestions and input are necessary to determine the best possible information as this survey will assist in building a long-term plan for the Hackney breed and its participants.

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