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Hackney Pony Junior Exhibitor Incentive Program

Sponsored by the United States Equestrian Foundation

This year the American Hackney Horse Society is pleased to announce a new incentive program geared towards the most important part of our society, our youth. Youth are the most important aspect to the hackney pony breed because they are the future of the breed. Without the interest of youth within this industry there will be no future for the hackney pony breed. Youth need to get interested not only in the show ring aspect of the breed but as well as in the training and breeding side as well. Thanks to the United States Equestrian Foundation, the AHHS is going to have the opportunity to invest in their youth. However this money will not simply be handed out rather it will be earned. The society will be giving away three two $800 awards. This money can be used either for their education or they can invest this money into their ponies. This money will be awarded to those youth who meet the following requirements:

Be a member of the AHHS or one of your legal guardians, grandparents or aunt or uncle must be a member of the AHHS.

Show in three junior exhibitor classes. These classes can include any combination of these divisions or all three in one division. The division include: Road Pony, Road Pony under Saddle, Pleasure Driving Pony, Pleasure Pony under Saddle, Hackney Pony, and Harness Pony.

Complete an application which will include a space to list the shows at which they have participated in.

Write an essay of at least 500 words explaining the importance of the hackney pony breed, what you have done or future plans for the hackney pony, and what the hackney pony means to you.

There will be a three person committee put together to select the winners. The winners are to be picked on the basis of how involved they are in the hackney pony world and how involved they plan to be in the future. This money is going to be given to the youth and parent's yearly salary will have in no way any affect on who receives these awards. The most eligible youth will receive this award no matter what. We wish to reward kids for their hard work and dedication to the breed as well as their involvement in school and community activities. 

Applications can be obtained by contacting John Wrather ([email protected]), Jim Tom Galbreath ([email protected]; 606-748-0026), Debbie Sauer ([email protected]; 606-742-2262), or Maureen Campbell ([email protected]). Once you have received the application, you will have until December 1, 2013 to have it submitted and the winner will be awarded at the Limited Breeders Auction in March of 2014. We wish all applicants the best of luck. 

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