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Hackney Membership Required


OWNERS, TRAINERS AND JUDGES of horses and ponies shown in the Hackney division need to be aware of new rule changes effective April 1, 2007, that require them to obtain membership with the American Hackney Horse Society (AHHS).


The first new rule is GR1004.12, which requires all USEF judges holding a Hackney card to be members of the AHHS.


The other rule updates can be found in HK101.2 and HKI20.2. These rule references explain that owners and trainers of Hackney ponies and Hackney horses must show proof of membership with the AHHS in order to compete in the Hackney division at USEF-recognized competitions. The new rules can be found by clicking here.

An AHHS membership application may be obtained by calling the AHHS office at (859) 255-8694 or may be downloaded from the AHHS web site at


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