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Grand National Cow Palace Horse Show NOT Cancelled


To all exhibitors:

An e-mail was sent without authorization from Cow Palace Management. This show has not been cancelled. Additionally, no divisions of this show have been cancelled. The due date for entries in all divisions is March 26, 2007. Traditionally there is a late charge of $25.00 if horses are entered after the due date. The late charge will be dropped now because of the false information sent to so many people.


I have had several calls and emails from Saddlebred and Friesian exhibitors, some that received the e-mail and others that received the false information through word of mouth. Unfortunately, I am only one individual trying to douse a malicious wildfire early before it spreads and causes irreparable damage. I am hoping the information in this particular message spreads as fast as the erroneous information clearly did.


In closing, I want everyone who has been a part of the Grand National in the past and also those who have not yet had the opportunity, to realize our appreciation of you is very much alive and well. You are the Grand National; each individual trainer, owner, rider and patron.


Personally, it has been a struggle over the past 30 years to remain positive at times. It's not easy trying to keep the horse show industry in the forefront in a city not geared to horses and cowboys, and to maintain the standards and traditions that the Cow Palace was built upon. Sixty-two years we have persevered because of your support.


This show still depends on it.



Dorene Will, Secretary

Grand National Horse Show


Editor’s note: The show’s dates are April 5-7. For more information, contact Dorene Will at (415) 404-4100. The following is a repeat of an earlier press release.


The Grand National Rodeo & Horse Show (Cow Palace), San Francisco, California,

announces a change of dates to April 5-7, 2007. This is a special, truly unique, horse show experience for Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster, and Friesian exhibitors. Ten-thousand people attend the rodeo performances and will be there watching the horse show as well.


Several special incentives are being offered:


  • All who are showing in the parade class will get their entry fee paid for and a free stall.

§         Exhibitors showing at BOTH Cow Palace and Monterey with the same horse will be entered in a drawing for $2,000 while trainers will receive an entry in their own raffle for a flat screen TV for each horse that shows at both.

Steve Allred, Winston-Salem, N.C., will be judging Saddlebreds, Friesians and Hackney ponies.


Please plan to join us for everything great that this show offers:


  • All indoors—no weather worries.
  • Cowboys!  Cowgirls!  Bull riders, Buckin’ broncs, laser light shows, wonderful on-site shopping and……….Jumbotron!
  • World class dining, shopping, and tourist attractions nearby in San Francisco.
  • Great hotel rates.  See
  • Facilities are available for those needing to layover before Monterey.
  • Free seating is available to exhibitors by presenting back numbers to the ticket office.  Or for box seats, you may contact the Cow Palace ticket office at (415) 404-4100.
  • The best hospitality room anywhere—plenty of eats, yummy snacks, goodies & the coffee’s always on.
  • A groovy prize if you win “the game”. No hints, you’ll find out when you get there.
  • The coveted Grand National belt buckles are awarded in most stakes classes.


Remember to bring your cowboy boots!


For more information please contact Dorene Will, horse show secretary at (415) 404-4100 or visit



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