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Golden Isles Riding Academy Raises $1,753.85 for UPHA

Golden Isles Riding Academy in Brunswick, Ga., recently hosted its annual charity horse show on March 1, 2014, to benefit the UPHA Foundation. The fun class of the day was the ride-a-buck challenge where riders were encouraged to raise money through sponsorships for the UPHA. Seven riders from Golden Isles Riding Academy raised an amazing $1,753.85 in their walk-trot ride-a-buck class. The winner of the class received a first place ribbon and the rider raising the most money received a three-year subscription to Saddle Horse Report both print and online donated by Dabora. It was a fun day for all and a very productive day for UPHA thanks to seven hard-working riders.

Madison Barlow, Brooklynn Kapella, Amalia Hanley, Myah Page, Haley Waye, Lilly Seemann and Kelli Jordan present a check to the UPHA Foundation.

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