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Gold Cup Stimulus Plan

With all the talk these days about government bailouts and federal stimulus plans, the directors of the Morgan Gold Cup Regional Horse Show recognize that maybe fellow Morgan exhibitors could benefit from a bit of a financial break too. So, in an effort to help you "plan" your show season, and to "stimulate" entries, the show committee has elected to amend the post entry policy. A one-time $20 per horse post entry fee will be assessed for all entries received after May 1, the official entry closing date, including those made at the show. This one-time flat rate is a change from the post entry policy listed in the prize list which indicates that post entries may be made at a 50 percent additional charge (per class).

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you haven’t already submitted your entries you can still do so for just $20 additional per horse. If you have submitted your entries already but decide you would like to exhibit your horse in more classes, you can enter as many more as you would like, simply pay the base entry fee for the class(es) and the one time $20 post entry fee. With the previous policy late or post entries could cost up to $105 per class!

The show committee hopes that this change will help exhibitors to be able to enjoy their Morgans, and the Gold Cup, to the fullest without leaving them feeling like they need a bailout.

The Morgan Gold Cup Regional Horse Show, which is celebrating its 49th anniversary this year, will be held June 16-20 at the Champions Center in Springfield, Ohio. Mike Carpenter, Steve Davis and Susan Kolstad are scheduled to officiate. For more information, or to request a copy of the prizelist please visit For questions about entries you may contact Show Secretary Judy McManama at 317-773-3931.

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