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Germantown Charity Even Bigger and Better This Year

GERMANTOWN , Tenn. - Hats off to Charles Byron, manager of this year’s 56th annual Germantown Charity Horse Show. Byron was instrumental in the increased attendance by Saddlebred barns from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana as well as numerous changes and improvements.

Byron paid tribute to the large number of volunteers who return year after year to help in so many areas. “The volunteers have been unbelievable,” said Byron. “They have literally worked sunup to sundown. Jimmy Chancellor [Germantown Charity Horse Show President] has been the most conscientious overseer I’ve ever met,” he continued.

 Byron also pointed out some of the other changes and improvements that had been made. “We worked really hard to get the Budweiser Clydesdales here and I think that’s part of the reason that attendance is up this year. Community excitement has been really great.”

He added, “We just about doubled the Saddlebred entries this year. Saddlebreds are in all of the permanent stalls and we also got every barn except one remodeled in time for the show. We will remodel the remaining barn this winter so it will be ready for next year.” Byron also said that the issue of footing was addressed. He emphasized the challenges presented in making the footing suitable for different breeds that share the same ring. The Hunter/Jumper competitors wanted different footing from the Tennessee Walking Horse exhibitors who wanted different footing from the Saddlebred and Hackney competitors.

A well received group of vendors provided everything from t-shirts and hats to jewelry and artwork for those in attendance to choose from.

In addition to Charles Byron, many of the other officials, including co-manager Kent Moeller, were new to the Germantown show this year. Thomas Brennan and Mary Lynn Whitley served as USEF stewards; Mark Farrar, Terry Mason and John McQueen served as announcers for the many classes throughout the week. Charles Richie was the official organist and WDA Video Productions videotaped classes upon request. Jim Wright and Gary Baldwin spent time in center ring taking the official photographs. They were joined in center ring by ringmasters Albert Sabrsula, Ronnie Hayes, and Christian Hettinger. Sabrsula also served as horn blower. Janet Fall returned this year and worked hard to keep everyone in the paddock well informed and up-to-date on what was happening in the show schedule.

Byron and Moeller, in addition to managing the show, also served as stall managers. Grant Williams and Maryann Meiners worked hard as horse show secretaries. Marty Watts and Phil Mascari both served as official photographers.

An increase in the number of Saddlebred barns, as well as an increase in overall attendance which helped raise money for the show’s official charity the Exchange Club Family Center, certainly indicated a change for the better at Germantown Charity.

Many barns that came for this year’s show indicated that they would come back next year. Cathy Hackney, of Star Quest Equestrian Center, had this to say about the show. “This was our first time at Germantown. It’s about a day too long but we really had a lot of fun and we loved showing in front of a big crowd. We don’t get to do that very often. We will definitely put Germantown on our calender for next year.”

Paul Cates, of Paul Cates Stables in Texas, explained why he and his customers have been coming to Germantown for more than 10 years. “My customers really love this show. They are always happy to come and are happy when they leave. They love the atmosphere and the multi-breed show and showing in front of a big crowd."

Cates added, "Part of the reason we can come to this show even though it's close to a 12 hour drive for us is because I do the hauling myself. It helps cut down on expenses for my customers. If they had to pay a commercial hauling bill plus the cost of my expenses, it would be much more expensive."

Cates continued by saying that he hauls the horses himself at almost every show they go to. Asheville, N.C. is more than 23 hours away from Austin, Texas and Cates does the trip straight through. "It's much easier to drive in the big rigs than it is to drive the duallies," said Cates. "There is a lot less wear and tear on your body. In the dually, your body tries to compensate for slowing down while traveling uphill and it's more uncomfortable to sit for so long. On a trip that's 20 or more hours long, it is really difficult even in the big rigs and we don't do it very often, but the 10 or 12 hour trips or even Lexington which is 18 hours away, are not that bad. When I get really tired, I pull out pictures of my kids which I keep in the visor, and that helps me focus. I also listen to the radio and the CB at the same time and I seem to be able to hear what I need to hear on each one. I can tune the other one out."

Mike Barlow also hauls the horses and ponies of Buffalo Creek Farm himself. "I try to do as much of the driving at night as possible. It's cooler and there is usually a lot less traffic." Barlow agrees with Cates that the big rigs which are Air Ride® equipped are easier to drive long distances than duallies with horse trailers. Both agree that even the long trips don't affect the horses much. The rides are so smooth that the horses feel fine at the end of a long drive.

So smooth in fact that Barlow had more silver to load on the truck for the trip home Saturday night. He rode Melissa Scrushy's In Bold Print to the Three-Gaited Stake win.

Barbe Smith brought the Cascade Stables group and finished with a great show. Smith, along with trainer James Nichols, of Cryst-A-Kell Farm, have been coming to Germantown for more than 10 years. Smith met her customers in the winner's circle several times and then watched her son Scooter Scheurich capture wins with his ponies King Creole and Call Me Mister under the direction of John Shea.

Nichols went to the winner's circle for customers Amy and Dale Hanson under the Cryst-A-Kell banner and they also had winning entries from their Penny Lane Farm.

Longtime Germantown participant John Shea explained why he comes back year after year. "We really like the big crowd and I really like the multi-breed shows. We also come because it's a logical place to stop off on the way to Midwest Charity." The ponies that showed under Shea's direction captured numerous championship tricolors by show's end.

 Marjorie Judd Stables, Peggy Richardson Stables, and Hill View Stables all made the trip to Germantown for the first time and went home with blue ribbons on the tack room wall. Delton Farms, directed by Steve Old, returned to Germantown and had a successful weekend with the entries of James Dellinger, Jr. Coachlight Farms also finished the weekend with top ribbons for Richard Bornemeier.

Blythewood Farms returned to Germantown for the first time in several years and had a banner show including Sam Stafford's win in the Five-Gaited Stake with Caramac's Bogart. Phillipa Sledge, whose family has been such loyal supporters of the Germantown Charity for many years, presented the trophy in the Mary Jane Pidgeon Sledge Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Stake. Heathermoor's Prince Of Anadon and Brittany Fox, from Tim Henderson Stables, earned the tricolor and the trophy.

Tim Henderson's group came to the show for the first time this year and it proved to be a good choice. "This show is like a throwback to the 60s," said Henderson. "I was going to come with some two-year-olds anyway to support Charlie [Byron], then we decided not to go to Chattanooga so I asked the customers if they wanted to come to Germantown since I planned to come anyway. They agreed to come and we had a good time. It's obvious that these people here go to a lot of trouble to put on this horse show. I was impressed at the details and they thought of everything including the little kids who walked around each night selling popcorn and peanuts."

He continued by saying, "It took twice as long to get here as it does to get to Chattanooga but we really enjoyed it. I like to show in either a nice indoor arena or outside. I'm not a big fan of covered arenas. This show was enjoyable and we loved the big crowds."

Rinanti Cock Robin, with Paul Cates riding, finished as the Five-Gaited Reserve Grand Champion for Alta Dare Farm. Centauri and James Nichols and Romantic Renaissance with Marjorie Judd up finished out the ribbon count.

CH Champagne Bob claimed the amateur championship with Maggie Noonan riding under the direction of Cascade Stables.

A trio of junior exhibitors competed in their stake class and when Renee Lavery turned in her card it was My Way's Just A Dream at the top with Caroline Burglass. The pair showed under the Marjorie Judd Stables banner.

Jon Wallace rode Thunder's Moonlight Serenade to the win in the UPHA Five-Gaited Classic for Penny Lane Farm.

Romantic Renaissance and Marjorie Judd, Executive Dunk with Karrie Graham, and Mountainview's Nite Dancer with Suzanne Hubbard also claimed blue ribbon titles in the five-gaited division.

Doubletree's Classic Design and Steve Old put together the reserve grand championship performance in the Three-Gaited Stake for James Dellinger, Jr.

Yes It's True and Phillipa Sledge were the amateur grand champions under the direction of Blythewood Farms. Phillipa Sledge presented the trophy in the Mary Jane Pidgeon Sledge Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Stake to Heathermoor's Prince Of Anadon and Brittany Fox. Trainer Tim Henderson joined Fox for the presentation.

Vision Heir and Amy Hanson and Doubletrees Classic Design with Steve Old finished out the ribbons in the three-gaited division.

Suzanne Hubbard went to the winner's circle with My Paramour in the Three-Gaited Park Stake for Kaye Bowles-Durnell. CH Ramses and Amanda Dellinger captured the amateur tricolor for Delton Farms.

Knight Of Steel, ridden by Rick Judd, and Phi's Phortune Teller with Abby Jones also captured blue ribbons in their park classes.

Due to a lack of entries, there was not a Fine Harness Championship but three entries took blue ribbons in the division. Shady Creek's Sensation with Gayle Jones, Worthy's Independent Son and Steve Crabtree and At First Sight and Sam Stafford all went to the winner's circle after getting the nod from judge Renee Lavery.

Royal Count added a tricolor to the Penny Lane Farm total after James Nichols drove to the win in the Roadster To Bike Championship. Mike Barlow and Ashland won the Road Horse To Wagon Championship for Howard and Bobbye Six. Susan Whitaker earned a pair of blue ribbons with Kitty Mambo and Roadkill.

John Shea met Jessie Pettie and Fiendishly Clever in the winner's circle after the Roadster Pony Championship. Abby Jones picked up the tricolor in the amateur championship with Heartland Wonderful Miss. Sam and Anne Stafford joined Jones for the presentation and victory pass.

Other winners in the roadster pony division included Call Me Mister and Scooter Scheurich and Breezeland's Starina with Kathy Barlow.

It's About Time earned the tricolor in the Harness Pony Championship with Stephany Monteleone driving. Heartland Firefly, owned once again by Garland Presswood, was the amateur grand champion with Presswood driving.

Tommy Hilfiger won the Hackney Pony Championship for Bob Richards, and Jackie Stred drove Heartland Rain Song to the amateur tricolor under the John Shea Stables banner.

Stred also went to the winner's circle with Heartland Special Special in the Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving Championship. King Creole and Scooter Scheurich captured a blue in the division as well under the direction of John Shea.

James Nichols met Gayle Jones and Callaway's Quasar after they were named the Five-Gaited Pleasure Grand Champions.

The three-gaited pleasure and country pleasure divisions both had more entries than many of the other divisions.

Viola Madden gave Abby Jones and Creekridge Farm yet another tricolor title with the win in the adult championship under the direction of Blythewood Farm. Victoria McCune and Vegas Dreams earned the win in the junior exhibitor championship. They added their tricolor to the Peggy Richardson Stables count for the barn's inaugural visit to Germantown.

Holly Nalty catch-drove Propane and won the Show Pleasure Driving Championship for Dr. Cheryl Brown-Tilghman under the direction of Marjorie Judd. CH Hear The Beat and Katelan Elizabeth Crabtree also scored a blue ribbon for Hill View.

Heirrelevant and Katelan Crabtree added the tricolor from the eight-horse Country Pleasure Championship to the Hill View total for Hill View's Germantown Charity debut. Holly Nalty catch-drove again straight to the winner's circle but this time it was in the country pleasure driving division. She and Burning Passion captured the tricolor for owner Anne Doyle. Let's Rock and Roll with Lydia Bailey added a blue to the Marjorie Judd Stables ribbon count.

Janet Crampton met Abby Jones and The Comeback in the winner's circle after they were named the Western Pleasure Grand Champions for Creekridge Farm.

Katelan Elizabeth Crabtree added another tricolor to her Germantown count when she captured the Saddle Seat Equitation Grand Championship with her mount Pinstripe Dancer. The pair from Hill View Stables also captured the blue in the USEF Saddle Seat Medal class. Callie Smith and Americana's Wings, from Cryst-A-Kell Farm, also earned a blue ribbon in the 17 and under equitation class.

Ashley Judd, riding CH Mr. Cruise, won the 10 and Under Walk and Trot Equitation Championship and also went to the winner's circle in the UPHA 10 and Under Walk and Trot Challenge Cup.

Kevin Ingram and Hometown Commander were victorious in the USEF Adult Saddle Seat Medal class and the UPHA Adult Challenge Cup from Delton Farms. T

iffany Trueman, from North Star Equestrian Center, rode Spacelink to the win in the 17 and under challenge cup. Trueman also won the Pleasure Equitation Championship and 14-17 class. Ella Bright teamed Santana's On Broadway to the 13 and under win from Cascade Stables.

Fellow Cascade rider, Sarah Taylor, won the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup with Champagne Fizz Town. Blake Powell, from Cryst-A-Kell, won the Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Medallion with Walterway's High Enough.

Janel Prescott, Paige Pennington, Alex Blackburn, and Megan Pepper all went to the winner's circle in the academy division.

This highlights some of the winners from the 56th annual Germantown Charity Horse Show. Complete results follow and they can also be seen, searched and printed out from our web site at

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