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Georgia International Horse Park Continues to Grow with New Barns

Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA, home of the Dixie Cup Spring Classic and Southeastern Charity is seeing new construction as it prepares for another year with every weekend under contract for at least one event.

Construction on two new buildings at the
Georgia International Horse Park began in late 2006.  This significant $2.5 million investment in the former Olympic venue is truly a testament to the Conyers Mayor and Council’s commitment to continuing an Olympic legacy and realizing the Horse Park’s potential!


One of the buildings, a barn, will house 100 stalls and the other building is intended for multi-purpose, indoor uses like trade shows, art shows, dog shows, etc. and can also be used for horse shows with 130 removable stalls.  The buildings are expected to be completed this spring.  The addition of these buildings will allow promoters interested in booking the Horse Park more options for their shows and events.



Georgia’s Department of Economic Development released figures in the fall that Rockdale County tourism revenues generated in 2005 totaled $104.2 million,” said Conyers Mayor Randy Mills. 


“Conyers’ return on the initial investment made 10 years ago when the Park was constructed warrants the additional investment of two new facilities to insure the growth of our world-class venue.”  

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