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Gayle Lampe Honored as Icon of Education

Gayle Lampe, professor emeritus of equestrian studies at William Woods University, has been named an Icon of Education by Ingram’s, Kansas City’s business magazine. What the magazine calls an “impressive lineup” was published in the January issue.
Lampe was one of nine Missouri and Kansas leaders chosen for the honor and the third honoree from WWU. Dr. Mary Spratt, Cox Distinguished Professor in Science, was named an Icon in 2011, and Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett, WWU president, was chosen in 2010.
Ingram’s calls the educators “the best of what education in this region has to offer.”  This year’s Missouri Icons represent the University of Missouri, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Central Missouri, Independence School District and Johnson County Community College. Kansas Icons represent the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Pittsburg State University.
According to Dennis Boone, managing editor of Ingram’s, “one of this region’s true strengths is a network of outstanding educational assets.” He attributes that to “administrators with vision, instructors with passion to cultivate young minds …”
Lampe is a national and international leader in equestrian science, one of WWU’s largest majors and a field with a substantial economic impact in the region. She is an instructor, coach, trainer, judge and rider. For 43 years, she has been an influential force in WWU's internationally acclaimed equestrian studies division, literally touching the lives of thousands of students.

“Gayle Lampe teaches by example, an example she has been setting at William Woods University and in the rest of the world since 1968,” said President Barnett. “Her commitment to education has truly exemplified hard work, dedication and discipline, and she has influenced the lives of thousands of students who are now working in equestrian careers throughout the United States.”

To view full news release from WWU, including more of Lampe's many accolades, click here.

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