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From the Desk of Marty Schaffel: Acts of Courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something is more important than fear.”- President Franklin D. Roosevelt

I was never prouder to be a member of our association than when I saw the statement that was signed by so many of our members. Clearly, these are difficult times. Tough decisions have to be made. What is reassuring to me is that people are making those decisions and are acting with courage.

Nothing is more challenging than facing the unknown with courage. And the coronavirus has presented many new unknowns. We are having to make many decisions as we go. As one doctor said during a press briefing, “We are building the airplane while we are flying it!”

Right now, I see several priorities for our association. One of the most important ones is to help those who need a helping hand. We are putting a task force together to thoroughly digest the new stimulus package and help guide members to utilize it effectively. We are raising money to help people who have tried all other means available and still need help. We are trying to navigate the issues presented around the various horse shows being affected by the stay at home guidelines.

We also need to address the problem of people not able to feed and care for their horses. This was a huge problem during the last recession. We have to be proactive about this. This virus came upon us very quickly.
The impact on people forced away from their normal routines has been challenging. People are not used to social distancing and staying at home.  Impatience and frustration could occasionally surface. I have heard my share of it from many members.

Now is the time for us to stand together and look out for each other. Our association and businesses depend on this now more than ever. Let us embark daily on those important acts of courage we so desperately need. Together we will get through this!

To make a donation today to the JLC Horsemen’s Relief Fund visit the UPHA website at, click the DONATE NOW button, and select JLC Horsemen’s Relief Fund or UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund from the “choose a cause” dropdown menu. 

Marty Schaffel, ASHA President

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