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From the Desk of Marty Schaffel: Data Points Are Telling

When I get ready to leave the house for the day, I am checking the data points regarding the weather before I leave so I know what I need for the day.  Those data points are: What is the temperature? Is it raining or going to rain? Is there a strong wind? Is it humid? And so on.  

From there I can determine what I need to face the day. The same is happening that way for us regarding our lives. Some of the current data points we want to know are: 

Are barns opening?

We are seeing more barns reopening across the country.  People are starting to ride their horses, take lessons again and practice for upcoming shows.  And many people are smiling again, both professionals and amateurs! 

Are horse shows opening? 

As more states are reopening, we are seeing more shows pop up on the show calendar. Some have already happened and have been successful.  Several large shows are planned this month, including two the same week in Tennessee and Virginia.  Both are full with about 1,400 stalls sold!  Big turnout!  People want to show! 

Will we have a World’s Championship Horse Show and what would it look like?

If the show was held today, there would be numerous restrictions and rules.  But the show is not for another two and half months.  By then we should be seeing a considerable relaxation of restrictions as we see a reduction in the presence of the virus.  That will hopefully mean less restrictions and more freedom of movement. 

Will we have fun again? My guess is absolutely! One thing I have learned about the Saddlebred community is that we adapt and we adapt very well!  And we will adapt to whatever we must deal with going forward.  Our industry will survive and thrive if we focus on our horses, our people and our shows. Let’s look forward to a bright future, and embrace a new normal. And when we do that, we will all have fun!  

The data points are telling!  I encourage all of our members and everyone in the Saddlebred community to share your data points and experiences.  We are all in this together.  See you at the horse show!

Marty Schaffel, ASHA President

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