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Friesian Trainer Clay Maier Joins KHP Team

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Clay Maier, formerly of Sisters, Oregon, is a new addition to the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) team.


Along with his vast experience in equestrian entertainment, he also brings his five stunning Friesian horses. Maier and his horses have performed throughout the country at horse expos and shows with his exciting, fast-paced performance “Friesians Spectacular." His lifetime spent with horses has also taken him around the world, including a summer in China spent performing in the only American Wild West show to have visited that country. Today Maier's horses perform what he calls a “high school” presentation. That means in addition to the upper level dressage movements of passage, half passes and lead changes, the horses also thrill the crowd while rearing up on their hind legs, pawing the air and leaping over jumps. What makes Maier's performances especially unique is that not only does he ride one horse while performing these movements but simultaneously drives one or two in front doing the same challenging movements.


In addition to his performances, Maier is regular clinician at many of the largest expos in the US and Canada, sharing his keen knowledge of work on the long reins. While at the KHP, Maier will be an in-house trainer, consultant and performer in a new Friesian show being developed for park visitors.


Maier stated, “I have always been a huge fan of this special place. Nowhere else can you immerse yourself so deep in the spirit of the horse. I look forward to being part of this top notch team, working with the wide variety of horses at the park and sharing mine.”


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