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Our Friends on the Gulf Coast


Several Saddle Horse trainers in the New Orleans area have suffered from Hurricane Katrina.

Barbe Smith stayed at the Executive Inn after Louisville to wait out the storm. She is now headed to Paducah, Ky. Her horses that showed at Louisville are also still in Ky. Her other horses rode out the storm in Albita Springs, La., and are okay. Bud Willimon is picking up her horses from Louisiana. For those who need to reach her, Smith’s new cell phone number is 502-758-8411.

Another Saddle Horse trainer in New Orleans, Rick Judd, and his wife Coco, lost their home in New Orleans and a beach house in Mississippi. Coco, who shows the road horse Grouchie, works for a company in New Orleans whose office building is totally destroyed.

We also have word that Joey Dorignac lost his New Orleans business in the storm.

Further details on our friends in Louisiana and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast will be posted as they become available.

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