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Fenton Author Details Michigan Equine Industry In New Historical Memoir

This week marks the nationwide release of author Heidi Madsen’s new historical book, “Gaited in the Great Lakes: Michigan’s Role With the American Saddlebred Horse.”

“Gaited in the Great Lakes” enlightens readers about the American Saddlebred in Michigan. Does it seem possible that a state mainly known for the automotive industry and the Great Lakes could in any way be connected to the equine industry? Take a tour back in time to an era where American Saddlebreds were flourishing in Michigan, and where spectators came in their finest clothing to watch the peacocks of the showring perform.

In this book, author Madsen introduces her readers to some of the farms that were in Michigan and all that they encompassed. Learn more about the Dodge dynasty and how they made history in Saddlebreds while they were in Michigan and in Kentucky. Meet Oklahoma Peavine and his daughter, A Sensation, who was a gifted five-gaited mare for the Dodge Stables. This book is basically a book about the Saddlebreds – the farms of the past and what they contributed to the breed.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Madsen resides in Fenton, Michigan. Her love of horses was encouraged by her mother from an early age. Her love for the American Saddlebred started in the early 1990s, leading her to work at some of the premiere saddlebred farms in Michigan. Her interest in them grew, and she taught Saddleseat for 15 years to children as well as adults. Madsen has been active for many years with the American Saddlebred Horse Association in Lexington, Kentucky, helping not only to promote the breed but working in the past on ASHA’s Youth Committee to help raise funds for Our Youth in the Industry. Madsen has played in the past an active role in her state’s own Saddlebred association, serving as board secretary for many years and also volunteering her time to attend the Michigan Equine Expos to help promote this wonderful breed of horse.

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