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FASH is Going Forward

Saddle Horse Report was forwarded the following press release about the FASH Horse Show, scheduled for May 8-11.

FASH is Going Forward. We have been given a Green Light to Show!

We’ve been told by key equine veterinarians that horses that show at FASH this year will be at a very low risk of developing the EHV-1 neurologic disease.  In fact, Dr. Colleen Carter, our show veterinarian, believes “…the risk of infection is the same as it has been at any time in the past.”  Please read Dr. Carter’s letter to the FASH exhibitors for her complete statement by visiting our website at  We have reached the decision to hold our show after directly conferring with U of M, and state veterinarians that have been treating, monitoring and controlling the virus outbreak. 

• There has been no involvement with American Saddlebred, Morgan or Hackney Pony barns.  The Facebook page for the Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic has complete information on all horses affected with dates, locations and the horse discipline most affected.   You can also get the same information by visiting: and click on their Facebook page.  Dr. Terry Arneson, Stillwater Veterinary Clinic, has been one of the key equine veterinarians in the state and has been one of the veterinarians advising us. 

• The Minnesota State Fairgrounds hires an outside professional company to thoroughly clean and disinfect their facility between horse shows.  The Minnesota State Board of Animal Health has confirmed, while monitoring the disease, there has been no involvement with horses infected with the virus and the fairground facilities. 

• The Horse Expo, scheduled to end at the Fairgrounds 10 days before our show, has chosen not to allow horses from breed associations and individuals to come to their event this year.  Their decision further insures our horse population’s isolation from the discipline that has actually had the virus.  There will be a limited number of clinician horses and rodeo horses at the Expo.  The clinician horses will not be stabled in the main horse barn.  The rodeo horses will be not be stabled in any of the Minnesota State Fair barns and will be working out of their trailers. 

The committee is planning a great show.  Watch for more announcements on our website and Facebook page.   See you in May!!!

Stephanie Peterson
FASH Spring Horse Show Manager

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