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Family, Festive and Fun ... Three Words to Describe Alabama Charity

The 14th Annual Alabama Charity Horse Show held October 20-23 was a success again this year stated show manager, Charlie Byron. With Halloween just around the corner, there was not only a great horse show that took place but a week full of fun times planned for all that attended. The schedule was as usual, a great mix of classes followed by a theme driven social time after each evening session. Wednesday night kicked off the festivities with the the Welcome Party. The next evening took exhibitors south of the border with Mexican Night. Grand chili was served and a well supplied desert table topped off the evening for all of those sweets lovers. Friday Night was “Family Night”. The horse show arena was transformed into a play land for the kids equipped with an inflatable trampoline, slide, volleyball and worm tunnel. Outside the ring was the Battle of the Barns karaoke contest.

The horse show continues to increase in entries and is not at all sacrificed in quality. A couple of entertaining current world's champions from the roadster to division were on hand to perform. Ashland made another commanding performance to win the Roadster to Wagon stake while Big Red drove to the Roadster to Bike Open title.


Keeping it all together in a package of brilliance, He’s Come Undone and Tommy Richardson were called from the line as the Five-Gaited Grand Champions for Richardson Stables. At The Stroke Of Midnight and Tammy DeVore were reserve out of a field of 10 for Lucinda Hartley. DeVore had also claimed the Five-Gaited Open class earlier in the week.

(SA) Kami Kazi and Hayden Bracknell were the most elegant in the Five-Gaited Ladies Championship taking her win back to Diamond View Farm. Mountainview’s Nite Dancer and Suzanne Hubbard rode to the reserve tie in both the championship and qualifier for Kaye Bowles-Durnell. Titleist Belle of Dixie and Lisa Millet won the Five-Gaited Ladies qualifier on Thursday night for Ed and Lisa Millet.

Jamie Cantrell rode Callaway’s Double Diamond to the winners circle in the Five-Gaited Amateur Championship for the Cantrell Stables. Executive Dunk and Karrie Graham were reserve in the championship. Meet Your Match and Autumn Hunt rode to the top of the Five-Gaited Amateur qualifier.

Now riding with the ASHA designated Champion title, CH Spindazzle and Ashton Hale added to their credits a tricolor ride in the Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Championship and reserve win in the qualifier for Amy Weaver. Double Platinum and Rachel North were reserve in the championship after their win in the Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor class for Equine Investments.

Out of 13 entries, Merrill Murray rode Liquid Thunder to claim the blue in the Five-Gaited Junior Horse class for Cross Timber Enterprises. Red Hawk Red Hawk and Bill Schoeman took the reserve honors back to Georgia as owner and rider.

In the UPHA Five-Gaited Classic, The Star Spangled Hammer, with Dan Flowers in the irons, received top honors for Tony Diamond. King Crimson and Clark Clouse were reserve with a commanding performance.

FIFO and Darell Cruse rode away as the Five-Gaited Three-Year-Old champion for Frank Jones. King Crimson and Clark Clouse were reserve again for Tony and Monica Olson.

Red Hot and Bothered and Darell Cruse claimed the Five-Gaited Novice Horse class out of 11 fine entries for Frank Jones. Callaway’s Editor’s Note and Derrick Westbrook were reserve for Natalie Hall.

Kate Spade and Mia Wilson added two championship rides to their credits. Wilson rode to the top of the Five-Gaited Pony Championship. Will Harris provided the catch ride aboard Kate Spade and won the Five-Gaited Pony qualifier. Jewels for A Lady and Lowe Thompson were reserve to the champion in both classes for Yellow Rose Farm.


In the Three-Gaited Grand Championship, Clark Clouse rode Tonight Preferred to the winner's circle for Alice Kegan. She's Poison and Matt Shiflet were reserve in the championship after winning the Three-Gaited Novice Horse class for Kathy Bagdasarian.

Topping the list, American Wine and Maria Gilman won the Three-Gaited Open class for Jessica Anderson. In Bold Print and Mike Barlow rode to the reserve honors for Melissa Scrushy.

Under the direction of Clark Clouse, Sir Andrew with Kristen Shiflet in the irons, dominated the Three-Gaited Ladies division winning both the qualifier and the championship for Jerry Mayes. Perfectly Candid and Lisa Millet were reserve to Shiflet in both classes for Kenneth Coy.

Paragon's Wonder Girl and Denise Stumbo rode away the winners in the Three-Gaited Amateur Championship for Mike Curry. Cherry Lou Tou and Laurin Noe were reserve in the championship after winning the Three-Gaited Amateur qualifier for Kip and Laurin Noe.

The duo of Soulmate and Emily Schwebke were unstoppable in the Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor division. Schwebke rode to the winner's circle in both the preliminary and the championship for the Schwebke family. Something Ventured and Rachel North had two powerful rides to claim close reserves to Schwebke in both classes for Tim North.

Keith Harger and Safe Harbor were named the Three-Gaited Junior Champions for Desp. LLC.

In the UPHA Three-Gaited Classic, Lady Gabriella and Melissa Shields won the blue in a grand exhibition for Richard Pence. Ultimate Heir and Matt Shiflet made the victory pass and were named the Three-Gaited Three-Year-Old Champions for Grassy Run Resources. Lady Gabriella and Richard Pence were reserve.

Sonar Sue and Katherine Connor soared to the top of the Three-Gaited Pony Championship as well as the qualifier for Beverly Connor. For Sure and Stephanie Breeden received the reserve tricolor.


Images of Blues with Charlotte Kurtz at the lines, drove away with the title and the tricolor in the Fine Harness Championship for Kurtz and Blue Heaven Saddlebreds. Kurtz and Images of Blues drove to the blue in the Amateur Fine Harness Stake earlier in the week. Before The Storm, driven by Clark Clouse, was reserve in the championship after claiming the Junior Fine Harness honors for Joan Adler.

Mike Hylton drove Romanov to the winner's circle in the Fine Harness Open class for Sarah Riganti. Nozomi and Ed Millet were reserve for Maureen Keating.

In the UPHA Fine Harness Classic, Storm Heir and Mike Barlow were called from the line as the champions for David Crockett. Wing May's Kissin Kate and Bob Davis received the red ribbon award for Wing May Farm. Davis also drove Wing May's Kissin Kate to win the Fine Harness Three-Year-Old class. Perfect Storm and Trent Capps drove to the reserve tie in the class for Paradise Farm.


In the Three-Gaited Park Championship, The King's Chardonnay and James Hale received the tricolor for Mary Ann Railey. Bright Memories and Debbie Koning trotted to the reserve honors for David Crockett. Hale and The King's Chardonnay won the Three-Gaited Park Open class earlier in the week. Absolutely Special and Steve Crabtree were reserve for Kim Jones.

The Royal Lad and Melissa Flint trotted out the gate as the Three-Gaited Park Amateur Champions. His Heirness and Debbie Ecksten were reserve in that championship for Linda Lewis. Jigsaw Johnny and Nancy Moreno won the Three-Gaited Park Amateur qualifier. Arctic Lights and Crystal Sanders were reserve for Colleen Gordon.

Out of a tough group of 11 entries, Shady Creek's Sensation and Eden Michael rode out the winners in the Three-Gaited Park Junior Championship for proud owner Gayle Jones. Callaway's Ike the Six and Melissa Shields were reserve to Michael in the championship after winning the junior qualifier for NRG Farm. Main Marena and Barry Stumbo were reserve in the qualifier for Mike Curry.

Armon Effinger rode Love Shack to the top honors in the Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Open class for Samantha Lemberg. Steeletto and Tommy Richardson rode to the red ribbon for the Richardson Stables.

The Straight Guy with Donnie Pyburn in the irons, went straight to the winner's circle in the UPHA Park Pleasure Classic for Seifert and Long Hollow Farm. Great Days War Princess and Mark Webster were reserve for Connie Schweitzer.


Cheers Cheers and Deborah Richardson rode to the winner's circle in the Five-Gaited Pleasure Championship for the Richardson Stables. Callaway's Quasar and Gayle Jones were reserve in the championship after winning the qualifier on Wednesday night. Grace Walker, riding Bongo, out performed the pack of 11 entries to win the Five-Gaited Pleasure Championship and the qualifier for High Hickory Farm. Only Magic will do and Brittany Fox were reserve in the championship for Anthony Fox.

Propane and Dr. Cheryl Tilghman dominated the Pleasure Driving division. Tilghman drove to the top of the qualifier on Wednesday and the championship Saturday. Romantic Magdalena and Miriam Reagan were reserve in the championship for Lynn Hazelig.

Adding to their credits, CH Sweet Virginia and Barbara Woods captured two more titles by winning the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship and the preliminary class. Sultan's Truly Fancy and Karen Grady Carver received reserve honors in both classes for Hundred Acres Wood Farm.

In the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor 13 and Under Championship, Sultan's Kingdom and Caroline Walker rode from the line as the champions. Walker trotted away with the blue in the qualifier on Thursday night for High Hickory Farm as well. Sultan's Gold Digger and Suzanna Crews were reserve to Walker in the championship.

Harlem's Moni Maker and Elizabeth Strunk won the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor 14-17 Championship for Teresa Lee. Propane and Lindsey Whitehurst were reserve in both the championship and the qualifier for Dr. Cheryl Tilghman. MTO and Aleasha Flowers were named the winners in the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure 14-17 class out of 20 entries for Beverly and Aleasha Flowers.

Christi Schnetzler rode Cadillac's Crystal to the winner's circle in the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Alabama Owned class for Suzanne Schnetzler.

S.S. Kentucky and Lindsay Roeske won the Pleasure Pony class for B& W Stables.


Dominating the Show Pleasure Driving division, What A Keepsake and Debbie Koning drove away with the tricolor for David Crockett. Countless Blessing and Kathy Snyder were reserve in both the championship and the preliminary for Richard Pence. Ooh La Latte and Claire Karst won the Three-Gaited Country Pleasure championship out of 11 entries. Karst rode to the top of the qualifier out of 16 entries. Gary Cooper and Melissa Schrushy were reserve in the championship.

Catie Ray Clark and Adian Hobbs were named the Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Champions for Kathryn Rodosky. Schuller and Natalie Hall were reserve in both the championship and the qualifier for Dawn Blanton. Just Stylish and Anthony Fox won the Country Pleasure class for Anthony Fox.

Hide-A-Way's Golly Miss and Autumn Hunt pulled from the line as the Western Country Pleasure Champions. This was not the first blue for Hunt and Hide-A-Way's Golly , they won the Western Pleasure qualifier as well. As Catch Can and Deborah Richardson were reserve to Hunt in the championship for Richardson Stables.


In the Roadster to Bike Championship Scruff and Debbie Koning drove to the winner's circle to claim the tricolor for David Crockett. World's Champion Big Red and J.D. Gardner were reserve in the championship for W.L. Chapman. Gardner and Big Red won the Roadster to Bike Open class.

At Full Throttle and Holli McDowell won the Ladies Roadster to Bike class for Glen Rose Stables out of seven entries.

Deidre Davis drove current world's champion Romeo's Windswept to the Roadster to Bike Amateur Championship for Quail Hollow Farm. At Full Throttle and Holli McDowell were reserve in the championship. Lexus, driven by David Crockett, topped the Roadster to Bike Amateur class.

Incredible Dream and Doug Greenwood sped to the winner's circle in the Roadster to Bike Novice class. Proving their versatility, Holli McDowell rode At Full Throttle the top of the Roadster Under Saddle class.

In the Roadster to Wagon class, World's Champion Ashland, driven by Mike Barlow, trotted away with the blue for Dr. and Mrs. Howard Six.

Seamair Philosopher with Richard Bornmeier at the whip, won both the Roadster Pony Championship and the UPHA Roadster Pony Classic for Coachlight Farm. Breezeland's Starina and Kathy Barlow were reserve in the both the championship and the open class for Mike and Kathy Barlow. Vicki Gillenwater drove Picture Prefect to claim the blue in the Roadster Pony Open class for the Scenic View Farm.

Seamair Twice As Nice with Frank Polley at the whip, dominated the Roadster Pony Amateur division. Polley drove away with the tricolor and championship title as well as the blue in the qualifier. Surprise Me and Jessie Pettie were reserve to Polley in the championship. Picture Perfect and Gillenwater were reserve in the qualifier.

Andrew Loving drove D.D. Fashion Model from the line in not only the ARHPA Junior Exhibitor Road Pony Championship but the AHHS Roadster Pony Medallion class as well for Bluegrass Technologies. Opus X Calibur, with Jessica Hoff in the bike, was reserve in the championship for the Glen Rose Farm.

Katelan Crabtree rode Elvis out the gate with the blue in the AHHS Roadster Pony Under Saddle Medallion for Brandon Hubbard. Amy Hein aboard Future Fashion was reserve for Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hein.


In the Hackney Pony Championship, Joe Jenkins drove Pit Boss to the tricolor. Highlander and Abel Vega were named reserve grand champions for Gina Stopher. Highlander and Vega won the Hackney Pony Open qualifier. Pit Boss and Jenkins were reserve in that round.

Garland Presswood drove Heartland Firefly to the winner's circle in the Harness Pony Championship and the Harness Pony Amateur class. It's About Time and Jessie Pettie were reserve in the championship after winning the Harness Pony Open class for Stephanie Monteleone.

Miss Fuente, with Charlotte Goodman at the lines, was named the Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Grand Champion. Sharon Chrisman and Cascade were reserve in the championship after winning the Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving qualifier.

Cherry's Dream Motion driven by Jennifer Shell pulled from the line as the AHHS Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Medallion Champion for David Crockett, while Miss Fuente and Brittany Schram made the victory pass in the AHHS Pleasure Pony Under Saddle Medallion class for Glen Rose Farm.


Katelan Elizabeth Crabtree rode to the top of the Equitation Championship after winning the 14-17 qualifier. Crabtree rides under the Hillview Stables banner. Instructed at DeVore Stables, Magdalene Marcyan claimed the reserve honors after winning the Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion class.

Emily Stumbo dominated the Equitation 10 & Under Walk/Trot division. Stumbo won both the championship and the UPHA 10 and Under Walk and Trot Challenge Cup under the Stumbo Stables banner. Cheyenne Mabey was reserve in the championship directed by the Clausen Stables.

Elizabeth Stevenson aboard Sultan's Miracle Man won the Pleasure Equitation class.


In the ASB Weanling In Hand class, Ron Hendricks led Casindra's Harley to the winner's circle for Linda Hendricks. Durmax, led by Jerry Dublin, was reserve for Willoway Stables.

King Crimson led by Clark Clouse pulled from the line as the ASB In Hand champion for Tony and Monica Olson. Superfine Commandant and Kaite Condit were reserve.

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