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Explanation of Stall Refunds at the Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show

The following is an open letter from Scarlett Mattson, show manager, to all trainers, exhibitors, and owners at the 2005 Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show:

"It has been brought to my attention that many think that stall fees are not refunded when they are either taken or turned in. When stalls are cut before the show, the fees are deducted from your account leaving a credit balance; if they are turned in at the start of the show, we are extremely careful when settling the accounts to charge only for the stalls used.


 The following is an explanation as to why you don't receive a refund check for the stalls not used. The charges for the returned stalls appear as a credit on your account. During the show, when you, the trainer, or someone from your barn comes into the office and purchases gate books, badges, and/or enters championships, these items are charged to your existing account, even though you might have an open check in your folder. The computer automatically applies the stall credit to these charges. Many times, especially in the case of championship entry fees, these charges might exceed the credit on the account. If you do not wish for the stall fee credit to be applied to your account, please ask someone in the office to indicate on your folder that you want all additional charges applied to your open check; subsequently, the computer will automatically return your stall credit fee, and a check will be issued in late September or October for the stall refund."

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