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To the Exhibitors of 2016 Monterey Horse Show

The Northern California American Saddlebred Horse Association (NCASHA) has generously offered to help with travel expenses for our more distant Saddlebred exhibitors. In an effort to attract as many Saddlebreds as possible, NCASHA will contribute $300 per horse toward the show expenses for those coming from a distance of greater than 400 miles. In addition, to encourage and reward local participation, there will be a random drawing of 5 horses (that have less than the 400 miles travel distance) to receive the $300 per horse contribution. For those traveling greater than 400 miles, please put a note on your entry form indicating the “Map Quest” mileage (or an approximate mileage, if known). The Premium book and entry forms may be downloaded from the show website - Or, if you would like a mailed hard copy, please contact Ron Hood at 831- 637-8510 or 

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