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Exciting Changes for 2006 Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show


Springfield, Illinois – In January, the Jubilee Regional Board of Directors proudly announced Fred Nava as their new horse show manager for the 42nd annual show to be held August 30 – September 2, 2006.  After an early March board meeting, the committee is also pleased that Peter Fenton has agreed to announce this year’s show. Fenton is a very popular announcer throughout the Morgan and Saddlebred communities and will undoubtedly bring new energy and charisma to the show. 


In addition to several new officials, the committee is keeping its commitment to increase the amount of prize money given back each year.  Instead of keeping everyone in suspense, it was decided that the 3rd annual $4,000 Amateur Jackpot class would be drawn prior to the show. This year’s winner and reserve winner of the AMATEUR WESTERN PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP will take home an additional $3,000.00 and $1,000.00, respectively. This jackpot money is in addition to the regular championship payout and was given to the Amateur English Pleasure Champion in 2004 and the Amateur Hunter Pleasure Champion in 2005.


The Morgan members of the UPHA also came through on their word to increase the UPHA Classics prize money, and they have raised more money than ever for the Morgan Classics Grand Championships. $11,000.00 of the proceeds from the UPHA MORGAN CLASSICS BENEFIT SALE will be added to the three UPHA Classics Grand Championship classes bringing the total payout in the Park Harness, Pleasure Driving, and Hunter Pleasure Grand Championships to over $8,500.00 per class.


“These are all very exciting and hopefully rewarding changes that we have made to the show,” said Jubilee President Mark Bodnar. “We hope this leads to an increase in attendance and draw for our show. It is our goal to make Jubilee a show that attracts stables from all over the country, and when you add in the Breeders Sweepstakes every other year, I think that Jubilee will be one great show. We are very grateful to all of our exhibitors, sponsors and to the UPHA for making all of this possible”


Prize lists for the show will be out in early May and this year’s judges include Kathleen Peeples, Dwayne Knowles and Harold Angell. For more information contact Fred Nava at or call (781) 585-9006.

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