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Estimated Saddlebred Registry Sweepstakes Payouts Jump

Lexington, Kentucky - The American Saddlebred Registry has announced estimated payouts for its popular and growing Sweepstakes program. In 2008, the Sweepstakes will again be held at the All American Horse Classic , September 2-6 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Live video streaming on the Internet will be available this year for the first time. For complete information on the Sweepstakes program click here.

Total estimated purses for 2008 are $210,400, up 5.5% from the actual purses awarded in 2007, which totaled $199,424. Final purses paid may vary upward or downward based on participation at the show.

Purses are projected to be consistent with last year for the Three-Year-Old (projected at $114,200) and the Two-Year-Old ($33,800) Sweepstakes. However, the Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes purses are projected to exceed $62,000, up 26.1% from the $49,474 paid out in 2007.

Post entries at the All American Horse Classic are accepted per the terms and conditions in its Prize List. Contact the competition directly for all information related to entries and stalls. For further information or questions about the Sweepstakes program, contact Patricia Edwards at the American Saddlebred Registry,

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