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Equine Species Working Group Releases Informational Booklet on NAIS


The American Horse Council announced that the Equine Species Working Group (ESWG) has developed an informational booklet titled NAIS and Horses: the Facts Surrounding the National Animal Identification System as it Applies to the Horse Industry in the U.S.

This booklet was put together in an effort to answer the many questions and concerns that have been raised from the equine industry on the very important and difficult issue of the potential application of the national ID system to horses.  The booklet addresses the following topics: history of the NAIS, why the horse industry should be involved in developing an acceptable NAIS, equine diseases of concern, methods of equine identification, potential benefits, current status of the NAIS, frequently asked questions, and a list of Equine Species Working Group members.

It is important that equine organizations, events, service providers and horse owners know the facts so they can learn about the NAIS, the efforts of the ESWG, and how a national equine identification plan might affect them, should one become mandatory.  Industry members are encouraged to not only become educated on the issue by reading this material, but to also distribute it throughout the industry.  The booklet is currently available to download from the American Horse Council website:

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